Breaking: Has CVS Stopped Selling PayPal Cards?

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CVS has always carried PayPal My Cash Card, which could be bought with a credit card for a fee of $3.95 for up to $500, and then could be loaded online to your PayPal account. However, when I stopped by local CVS today, while they had the cards in stock, they wouldn’t ring up at the register, with an error message that the cashier claims they haven’t seen before.

Breaking: Has CVS Stopped Selling PayPal Cards?

However, the PayPal My Cash Cards still list CVS Pharmacy as a vendor that sells them on their site, however their site isn’t always the most accurate, so I wouldn’t be surprised if it hasn’t been updated yet.

CVS Pharmacy

Buying and reloading PayPal My Cash Card was still a great way to meet minimum spending, so it will be a shame if CVS truly no longer sells them.

I did call PayPal and the agent I spoke to said she didn’t see CVS Pharmacy on her list that sells the cards, so it appears that as of today these are no longer being sold there.

Please comment below with your feedback from your local CVS if you’re still able to buying these.

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  1. I was able to load to my paypal yesterday with a credit card at a local CVS, if what you wrote is true, it’s going to suck.

  2. I had the same experience at two different CVS store here in Boston

  3. Same experience today in arizona. Error message in 2 stores unable to load prepaid or some shiz. Sucks I was so close to maxing out 4 freedoms!

  4. If you are still going into CVS you are doing it wrong. Wake up people.

  5. Reloads at CVS have been working for well over a year for me. But CVS was never listed under ‘Where to Reload’ section on the My Cash Card site – I checked the way back machine to see if there have been any recent changes to this page. Sure, you could buy a new card at CVS, but Dollar General, Freds & Family Dollar are the only 3 places to reload according to their site.

    So basically, CVS reloads were working fine even though CVS was never officially listed.

  6. It seems that all places that sold PayPal my cash cards no longer sell them !!!!!!!!
    Must have worked out to good for the consumer 3.59 to put money on your PayPal account , instead of 5 or 6 dollars a month for their debit cards !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I DON’T NEED A DEBIT CARD !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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