Could Barack Obama Become The CEO of Uber?

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Earlier this week, Travis Kalanick, the former CEO of Uber stepped down after there was pressure came from the company’s investors forcing him to resign. With his resignation, speculation begins on who will takeover as CEO of this billion dollar company, and  Barack Obama’s name has been thrown around.

While unlikely that he’ll actually be the CEO, I find it interesting that some developers are recommending him for this role.

Per the Street,

Developers believe that US Ex-President Barack Obama may become the new CEO of Uber. Ex-President Obama would be an exceptional, out-of-the-box and a perfect CEO for Uber, Chowdhry noted. 

Although, Chowdhry acknowledged Uber’s valuation will still most likely “collapse” even if Obama was named CEO, it could be a move to prevent the company from falling apart entirely. 

Developers told Chowdry this would be an upsetting death for the technology firm, as “Uber has the best scheduling algorithms and the best facial recognition software deployed at scale.”

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  1. Lmao! Only if his only job was giving speeches and playing golf. He has a demonstrated lack of knowledge of capital markets, entrepreneurship and business in general. Instant fail.

  2. Adding to what Rjb said – if you don’t work and don’t want to pay, you can get you bill subsidized by the government ( other taxpayers )

  3. “If you LIKE your Uber X, you can KEEP your Uber X…”

    “The average rider will save $2500/year…”

    “If you LIKE your driver, you can KEEP your driver.”

    It would be the death of Uber.

  4. I would prefffer TROMP for da CEO of Uber. He seems to be da best man for da job. He will make oberong great again and make our health grate. When I sleep on mi missipi porch and Fink how omerica will once gain be great I think about only 1 person for da job….dat person Iss donddald trump.

  5. I drive a pick-up truck and I’m porly edjucated. I was razed to hate nigers and spics make everything shit. I voted for Trump because he will make America Great Again and I have no doubt he will deliver. America is already so great with Trunp as our president. Healthcare is better than ever. Pre existing health issues won’t effect anyone because that is what our president who has never lied has promised us. When I think of our president I think of someone who never lies. My savior Trump is a deal maker who never looses at anything. He cares about his citizens and he loves America more than anyone.

  6. I love how the mention of President Obama brings the worst out of some people, politics aside , what does that say about certain individuals that’s the second the former Preaident is mentioned racist slurs starts spewing from their mouths

  7. @Allen Thats right we are all racists. Maybe we are not racists but we did not like Obamas ¨America Last¨ policy, his lead from behind foregn policy, $9 trillion addion to the National Debt with nothing to show for it, etc. etc. etc.

  8. Well, our national debt doubled under Obama’s presidency, and I’m sure, with all of his past successful business experience, that he can also work wonders at Uber.

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