Why Delta Flight Attendants Were Seated in First Class During Flight

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As I was boarding a recent Delta flight, I noticed that two of the first class seats in the premium cabin were blocked off. I thought that was strange, as the seats seemed to be working fine so wondered what was going on.

As we left the gate and started taxiing, the two flight attendants working the first class cabin took these two seats. It turns out that their cabin jumpseat was broken and that when this happens, they sit in closest seats to it, which in this case were seats 1C and 1D onboard this Boeing 737-900 aircraft.

I started talking to one of the flight attendants who shared that this is what happens, but that they are only supposed to be seated there during take off and landing, and during the flight they are to be up and about or in the galley, as it would “look bad” if they were seated in first class while service was going on.

On one hand I get that, however on our four hour flight, they didn’t sit down once and had their been a jumpseat, I’m sure they would have been seated.

Have you ever seen flight attendants seated in first class during a flight due to a broken jumpseat? Feel free to comment below with your thoughts. 

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  1. Yes I’ve been on United flights when the jumpseats weren’t locking or the straps weren’t working right — so they had to relocate passengers who were already seated in 1C/1D…
    And when those folks made a fuss about having to move, the captain had to come out to “explain” the situation and remind them that the FAs sit there or we don’t fly out on this plane.

  2. So what’s the big deal,,it’s a safety issue. The company is losing revenue over those seats which shows they care more about safety first.

  3. Donald,

    They need to be seated near the exit of operation that their jumpsseat assignment indicates. In case of an emergency I bet you would be glad that they were near where they needed to be to operate the exit

  4. A similar story: I was traveling LHR to LAX on United’s Global First when airborne I notice my seat did not recline! After meal service, I noticed there was one FC seat empty next to the aisle. I switch seats only within 5 minutes I was told I cannot move because it was “reserved.” An hour later, a pilot came out and snooze on the seat for about an hour then vacated. The seat was empty for the remainder of the flight. Later found out that a FC seat always is reserved for the cockpit crew in case they want to rest. Nevermind that I had to sleep completely upright for the 11.5 hours of flight. Later I complained to United’s Customer Service who was kind enough to credit my Mileage Plus with 500 miles. United has a very polished way of continuing the insults after insults. Since that incident, I REFUSE to fly United ever again considering there are so many choices for FC or BC on foreign airlines where the experience is more positive.

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