Delta’s New Express Beverage Service on Short Haul Flights

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On a recent Delta flight under 350 miles, I learned that Delta has instituted a new policy for their beverage service. When it comes to Delta’s service standards onboard their flights, they’ve previously never offered service on flights under 250 miles in the Main Cabin, whereas flights over 251 miles were given a full beverage service.

However, they’ve now rolled out an Express Beverage Service which applies to flights between 251-350 miles. This new service applies only to those in the main cabin and Comfort +, as First Class will still receive a full beverage service and snack basket on all flights.

The new Express Beverage Service in the Main Cabin offers Dasani water bottles and Starbucks coffee, and in Comfort+ a limited selection of alcoholic beverages, including Miller Lite, SweetWater 420, and red and white wine. Even with these changes, Comfort+ customers can still request additional beverages beyond the limited offering.

Bottom Line

On one hand, it makes sense why Delta is doing this as these flights under 350 miles, can be very quick sometimes only 20 minutes in the air, after you factor in the climb and descent, so trying to complete a full beverage service on a 757 can be difficult.

Delta will still offer Comfort+ customers additional beverages on a request basis, so you can still order a double Woodford on the rocks in Comfort+ even with these changes.

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  1. What the airlines should do is invent a small robot cart that will roll slowly down the aisle. This is
    for cold beverages in cans or bottled water. If a person wants one they simply grab one and a cup that has ice covered by plastic wrap and presto no human intervention needed.

    Trash collection can be done the same way. Send the robot down the aisle and it will sense when its container is full and return to the galley where the flight attendants can empty it and start it on its way again.

  2. The suggestion of using a robot should be replaced with a person. Better service with a “SMILE”

  3. Well pretty soon you will have to use your credit card to access the bathroom just to get in then you’ll have to swipe your card again to have access to the toliet paper…trust me it will happen I predicted the fees for bags in 1998 but nobody believed me …so you’ve been warned

  4. It is funny, after reading about improvements on United’s food service, I had two legs last month and the first leg – CMH to ORD is at least 276 miles and we had the option of room temp water or orange juice. They said the flight was too short for full service, but we had full beverage service on the same flight in June and July, but on a smaller plane. On the second leg ORD to Ottawa – 600+ miles, the had full drink service, but no ice. Really?
    Coming back – Air Canada was no better. If I am remembering right, no service on the 220 mile Ottawa to Toronto and limited service on the Toronto to Columbus 317+ miles.

  5. If you require a “double Wofford” on a 20-minute flight, you have larger issues than mere thirst

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