Delta Shuttle at LaGuardia Moving Terminals

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New York’s LaGuardia will be shuffling things around, as six airlines move terminals, with one of the biggest being Delta Air Lines. Earlier this year, we saw a major terminal move at Los Angeles International Airport, as 21 airlines moved terminals, now New York’s LaGuardia will be having their own move this weekend.

When compared to the LAX move, that was a Delta initiated move for the airline to gain more gates as well as well as to set the airline up for their two new state of the art terminals to be redeveloped. With the LaGuardia move, we’re told this isn’t so much a Delta initiated move, however Delta flyers can expect to see some added benefits included Sky Club access, and more connecting flight options.

When asked if Delta will gain more gates from this move, it’s hard to say exactly as Delta will be welcoming both Frontier and Spirit to their current home at Terminal D, so overall it’s pretty equal, and as the airport is already slot restricted, even adding an additional gate or two wouldn’t necessarily mean more flights.

The Port Authority lists where all the airlines are moving:

  • Delta will co-locate its LaGuardia operations in Terminals C and D by relocating its Delta Shuttle to Chicago and Washington, D.C. from Terminal A (Marine Air Terminal) to Terminal C
  • American will consolidate its operations – including American Airlines Shuttle – at Terminal B, ceasing its flights at Terminal C
  • JetBlue and Alaska will move its operations to Terminal A (Marine Air Terminal) from Terminal B
  • Frontier and Spirit also will move from Terminal B and begin operations at Terminal D (Departing passengers, however, must check in at Terminal C.)

Per Delta,

  • Beginning Dec. 9, Delta Shuttle flights to Chicago and Washington, D.C., will relocate from the Marine Air Terminal to Terminal C, where customers will enjoy enhanced amenities while retaining the distinct Delta Shuttle product. Shuttle flights from LaGuardia to Boston already operate from Terminal C.

More Booking Options for Passengers

For those not familiar with New York’s LaGuardia, Terminal A, also referred to as the Marine Air Terminal is completely separate from the other terminals. Previously if you were flying in from Washington (DCA) or Chicago (ORD), you wouldn’t be allowed to connect to another Delta flight on the same ticket, however with this change you’re now able to book connecting flights and the functionality is already in place as shown in the example below.

As a Delta flyer, I’m pleased to see that their shuttle flights to Washington DC and Chicago will now be at Terminal C. By consolidating from the Marine Air Terminal, eligible passengers will now have Sky Club access, as well as the ability to connect to all other Delta flights at LaGuardia seamlessly on one ticket, as the airline wouldn’t sell these two cities as connecting options, due to the difficulty to having to reach the other terminals.

Delta already moved their Boston Shuttle service to Terminal C a few years ago, allowing these customers to connect through Delta’s LaGuardia hub for access to 64 additional cities

What are your thoughts about the terminal changes at LaGuardia? Feel free to comment below!

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  1. This is the reason I’m leaving Delta for United. The shuttles to Chicago and DC were SO easy to walk up to within minutes of my flight departing, not to mention that you don’t have to go through the nightmare of traffic getting into the main terminals for short flights. Delta now is packed into Terminal C at LaGuardia and Terminal 4 at JFK (in case anyone wants to take a 30 minute walk to their gate after queuing up at security with 30,000 other people), and with their loyalty program being awful I just don’t see any reason to stick with them.

  2. @Ra – where do you fly? Yes, I agree the MAT was awesome, but Terminal C shuttle isn’t too bad and Delta still has D. If you are switching airlines because 2 flight destinations move 15 minutes further away to another airline which offers no service at JFK and an even worse ground experience at LGA, you are either inexperienced or sensationalist.

    I think the move is good for everyone though selfishly, I wish they picked up the terminal D gates to make it easier when family and I split between Delta and JB. Also all the JB families will crush the tiny MAT without big upgrades. As a Delta diamond, hopefully fewer remote hard stands at LGA. I’ll miss the MAT, but overall not a big deal. Frontier and Spirit Customers get screwed with long walks. Alaska loses ability to connect to partners over LGA, but not sure that really hurts much.

  3. thus switch is horrible for shuttle customers …

    … i used to take shuttle from lga to boston 2 times a week and lga to dc once a week; when it was delta and (i think) us air.

    one terminal for both airlines. one terminal devoted to shuttles. if one flight was oversold or you just missed it, you knew you could use the other airline 30 minutes later. andceach airline accepted the others ticket. easy peasy.

    now, if there is a problem with the Delta shuttle, instead of walking across the 80 foot marine terminal rotunda to the other shuttle, you will have to somehow get to the marine terminal (the terminal farthest from delta’s terminal) and clear security, all within 30 minutes … good luck

  4. I think for regular shuttle customers it is bad. on a bad day you could get through security in 5 min. Now having to deal with TSA in TC is going to add so much time to these flyers. How bout @Clear giving a promotional membership to these people becuase that is the only service that can compare to how it was in the MAT.

  5. I echo others comments and think that this is bad for a good number of shuttle customers. When BOS moved I absolutely hated the switch. I am not a connecting passenger. I want to go between New York and Boston with ease. MAT allowed that. Terminals C/D are inefficient and annoying to the (admittedly pampered) business flyer who is used to walking up a few minutes before takeoff. I think the airline should service the bulk of its customers though so it would be interesting to see whether there are on balance, more connectors than point to point business travelers like me. That said, all the connectors could be serviced through JFK, leaving my precious MAT alone!

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