How to Piss Off a TSA Agent at the Airport

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The busy holiday travel season is among us, which means busy airports, with long security lines. For those who have CLEAR, or Pre-check, both should help you get through security quicker.

For those who don’t it means, full body scans, having to remove shoes, liquids, laptops etc, which rightfully so can annoy travelers. Well, did you know there are certain things passengers do that can piss off TSA agents!?!

In case you’re interested the Cheat Sheet, shares 15 things you can do that annoy TSA agents. Below are just two from the list:

Wearing longs skirts and dresses: According to former Los Angeles TSA agent Kimberly Pruitt, people who wear long skirts and dressing annoy the heck out of agents. “If you are opposed to getting patted down, then wearing a maxi skirt or dress isn’t your best bet because the officer will have to check you are not hiding anything under your skirt,” said Pruitt. Once again, wearing this type of clothing can take more time to get through the line, hold everyone else up, and cause you quite a bit of embarrassment.

Traveling with a cat: TSA agents find a number of dangerous things in passengers’ bags, according to the website TheRichest, but none so dangerous as … wait for it … cats. TSA agents cannot stand going through cat carriers — many workers have been hissed at, bitten, and scratched — and some cats have jumped out of the carriers and tried to run away. This is not a joke: If an animal gets past security before someone “searches” it, the TSA could shut down the entire terminal. Consider leaving Fluffy at home — or driving instead of flying.

Again, these are just two of the 15 things that really piss off TSA agents. You can view the full list in the Cheat Sheet article.

Have you ever done anything on this list or something else that has angered a TSA agent? Feel free to share your stories below.

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    A heartfelt thank you from the rest of us stuck in line waiting while you dumbasses perform your childish antics

  2. This is one of the most puerile things I’ve ever read. Like it or not, these folks are just doing their jobs. Grow up.

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