Disturbing Video Wheelchair & Passenger Falls Down Escalator

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A woman is suing Alaska Airlines after her mom accidentally goes down an escalator at Portland International Airport in her wheelchair. In this video, (which I warn you is terrifying) Bernice Kekona who is seat-belted to her wheelchair tumbled and crashed down an escalator.

Disturbing Video Wheelchair Passenger Falls Down Escalator

Inside the terminal at Portland International Airport, Bernice Kekona — seat-belted to her wheelchair — tumbled and crashed down an escalator, landing near the bottom with the heavy chair on top of her.

The then 74-year-old woman was heading back to Spokane after a month-long trip to Maui, a trip she makes once per year to visit her family and her former home. But instead of getting on a flight, she headed to a Portland trauma center for medical attention. Three months later, a day after she had her right leg amputated below the knee due to an infected wound she suffered in the fall.
The family is seeking reparation for damages, expenses, and any “further relief as the court may deem just and proper” resulting from Bernice’s eventually fatal fall.

Bottom Line

This is certainly a disturbing video. It seems strange that she would be at the airport without someone from the airport (or airline) to push her wheelchair to her gate. Kudos to the passengers who try to help her.

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  1. Kudos to the guy on the up-escalator that tries to help, SHAME on the woman at the bottom of the escalator that literally runs away rather than try to help.

    I’m not sure how this is worthy of winning any damages from Alaska in court though.

  2. I agree with D. As regrettable as the incident was, when will some people start taking responsibility for their own actions, or inactions.
    Where is the daughter who is suing? She’s not in the video, and shame on her for letting her 74 yo mother wander alone thru a busy airport.
    No legal case here. Take responsibility.

  3. I think you missed something in the copy “Three months later, a day after she had her right leg amputated”. Did you miss the words that said she died?

  4. I agree that this video/situation is disturbing, but come on. Doesn’t (almost) everyone know that someone in a wheelchair should use the elevator?

    I’ve been to some airports (and other public buildings) where there are round waist-high pillars at the top and bottom of escalators to prevent luggage carts (and wheelchairs) from riding up or down the escalators. Aside from that, I’m not sure how Alaska Airlines is supposed to be responsible for the woman’s (horrible) accident.

  5. The woman in the wheelchair had to have been blind or had some sort of mental incapacity. There is no way any prudent and sound mind person would attempt to go down an escalator in a wheelchair. But, yes, agreed in that Alaska bears zero responsibility for this unfortunate accident.

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