How Hotels Are Trying to Compete with Airbnb

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Hotels are losing more and more business to Airbnb, and are having to come up with new ways to compete. Besides the fact that Airbnb’s are often cheaper than most traditional hotels, some travelers prefer the added amenities of Airbnb’s better since they provide more value added perks such as kitchens etc.

With this, hotels are trying to steal business back away from Airbnb, especially for those guests who have extended stays such as a week or longer.

Per GQ,

To try to steal some business back from Airbnb and its peers, the aggressively hip Standard hotels recently announced Stowaway, a program that gives guests staying for a least a week “a feeling of home comfort throughout the duration of their stay.” Because what feels more comfortable than being a stowaway? Make steerage class great again!

According to the hotel group, Stowaway guests will be able to “curate their own environment on property,” meaning they can get things like a personal concierge, restaurant reservations, a personalized mini bar, and (pending availability) a Tesla to drive them around. (Also, brands love to use the word “curate” as neo-hipster catnip; to be fair, it often works.) The package is far more appealing than that Airbnb “just 10 minutes from downtown!” that didn’t have toilet paper.

With the Stowaway service at the Standard, some popular perks are a custom mini bar, meaning you can let them know your favorite alcohol and snacks and they’ll have it stocked for you.

Additionally, they’re adding a Tesla car service for guests, which is something you’d be hard pressed to find with any Airbnb.

What are your thoughts on lodging accommodations when you travel? Do you still prefer to stay in hotels or do you side more with Airbnb these days.

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  1. We’ve done Air BnB to very mixed results. Under the right (very frugal) circumstances we would again, but the variability of what you get for your money is too great for us most times. That standardization is something that people “dislike” about hotels…until they get a few moldy, unclean apartments as options at 75% of the price of a clean and bright hotel. 🙂

  2. It’s still missing the mark:

    Personalized recommendations from locals

    Being in a neighborhood instead of sterile, busy commercial streets that hotels are often located on



    Getting a glimpse into the lives of locals

    Cheaper price

    Feeling like I’m at home instead of in a hotel

  3. How about you stop gouging me hotels. $400 a night and still $50 to valet ( no in -out priv either). Or stupid “ resort “ fees added on my bill. Give me a decent room at a decent price and we’re good. But the ever growing trend of “ resort “ fees from Vegas to NY to Miami is getting old.

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