How a JetBlue Flight Almost Diverted Due to Crying Baby

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On a recent JetBlue flight from New York (JFK) to Los Angeles, passengers onboard the flight found themselves almost about to divert due to a crying baby! The child was crying for over an hour and the pilots were notified of the situation, where they decided they’d may have to divert.

Ultimately, the airline decided not to divert, and instead gave everyone free headphones to try to rectify the situation. The child finally stopped crying, but I couldn’t imagine sitting through this on a long transcontinental flight.

Feel free to share your thoughts below on how you think the airline should have handled this situation.

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  1. Maybe my kid is weird, but hour long cries were pretty normal before she turned 2 and start to express what she wanted. So I’m a bit surprised that it would come to the possibility of a diversion. She usually just cries until she’s tired and falls asleep. 8 hours would be a different story.

  2. Most babies only cry for a reason. They are not sophisticated enough yet for some diabolical plan. The baby was probably in discomfort. I have flown for 40 years and recently I had a cold on a flight back. The agony of the ear pain was awful. I could only imagine some poor baby with a cold and forced to fly and its only recourse is to cry to signal its parents that it’s in pain.

  3. This will only stop when parents with crying babies are charged with terrorism.

    I’m kidding.

  4. Keep your crying cockspawn at home. You have no right to impose this on others, and deserve an ass kicking if you do. Entitled trash.

  5. The poor children whose parents insist on putting them through the torture of flight. Let alone the rest of the other passengers. It’s a simple solution — keep babies off of planes. People should have common decency to follow this on their own, but greedy parents put these children through this torture to satisfy their own selfish desires. Until a child is old enough, they really shouldn’t be in a small very tightly confined space with others. It’s not the fault of the other passengers. Why should people have to endure what they parents have chosen for themselves?

    I was in a grocery store the other ay and there was a small child, probably 2, who was screaming uncontrollably. The noise was so loud that it could be heard throughout the entire supermarket. People were rushing to the front to see what was wrong. The parent just completely ignored the kid. All too common these days. Instead of tending to the child, they just ignore them. If they do that in their own home that’s one thing, but why do they feel it is ok to subject others to that?

  6. Wow, some really terrible people commenting here. Every one of us was an annoying crying baby at some point. Crying babies are part of life. At the supermarket, on airplanes, everywhere. No one has a right to not be bothered by crying baby. Get over yourselves. The only thing more annoying than a crying baby is a crying adult.

    Also, I’m a single male living in NYC who travels frequently. So factor that in before you try to de-legitimize me.

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