Why is my Uber Rating so Low?!

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Just as passengers can rate drivers in the Uber app, drivers can also rate passengers on a scale of 1-5 stars after each trip. If you think all passengers have 5 star ratings, think again.

Looking at my rating this weekend, I noticed that I have a 4.45, and it hasn’t changed in several weeks. I’m a pretty active Uber user, however no matter how friendly I am, or “try” to get a better rating, the needle won’t change. Despite being told by drivers they’re giving me a 5 star rating, I still can’t seem to get my overall rating up.

Uber describes the following when it comes to ratings:

Ratings foster mutual respect between riders and drivers. This strengthens our community and helps everyone get the most from Uber. Just as you expect drivers to treat you with respect, drivers hope to feel the same acknowledgement from riders. A high rating is about more than bragging rights among your friends; it’s a sign that people enjoyed their time with you. Keep up the good work!

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Does anyone else get a lower rating than they’d like to have. Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below, or ways to improve your Uber rating. 

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  1. I don’t tip and never will. My guess is drivers ding you for not tipping. I’m the same. Everyone wants a tip you go jersey mikes and it tries to get you to tip.

  2. Rider’s shouldn’t be concerned with their rating. If a driver’s rating gets too low, they will be deactivated. If a rider rating gets too low, they may just have to wait another 15 seconds for a ride.

  3. It really depends where you’re located. I live in NYC and my Uber rating is 4.6 which is ok for NYC but probably low in CA or other parts of the country.
    I do notice that when I do Uber pool here, I see a lot of drivers automatically give all their clients 4 stars regardless of anything. I suspect they give me 4 stars too which brings down my average. Nowadays I mostly do regular Ubers and if I really enjoyed the ride I don’t mind telling them I’d give them 5 stars and I’d say 98% of the time they tell me that too.
    As for tips, drivers do not see whether you give a tip or not until after they rate you.

  4. I used to have an almost perfect 4.95, but that lowered when I had a 1 star rating from a driver. I had complained to her during the ride, so I guess that is the reason why.

    The reason for the complaint was an extra person in the car and she never explained who it was. It is against Uber rules and when I complained to Uber the fare was refunded in full. However, they would not remove the low rating for the drive. I think this is a weakness – if a ride is effectively cancelled because of a rule infringement, the driver should not be able to take it out on the passenger by reducing their rating.

  5. I was recently in Mexico and hadn’t used Uber for months. My rating was above 4.8. After 2 weeks in Mexico (half the time giving extra cash tips), mine is now 4.57. I think the drivers here don’t give 5 as a default. I read somewhere that culturally American drivers will default to a 5 rating unless something bad happens (or no tips), but in other countries, they think an ok rider is a 3 and 5 is an exceptional one…. Also, another thing I noticed that is some drivers hover in the area of the pick up and never go to the exact pick up location (usually at my hotel) and then I have to go out to find them. I noticed that drives up the price for the Uber since then a waiting time kicks in. A few drivers did this, and one was even shocked when I showed up soon after he parked. (I still gave him a 5 since I didn’t know for sure it was on purpose, even though it was half the street down from me and impossible to miss me at that pick up.)

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