Are Hotel Room Safes Secure? Should You Use Them?

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Ever wonder how secure hotel safes are? On a recent trip, I used the hotel safe to secure some valuables, however it wouldn’t open so had to call security to come up. When security came up, he quickly opened it for me, which I was appreciative of, however it makes you wonder how secure hotel safes are and if you should use them.

When security came up, never was I asked for my ID. Perhaps, it was because I was already in the hotel room, but what if a door was left ajar and someone else got inside and then called down to say the safe was locked?

Additionally, it took hotel security about 15 seconds to open the safe. I’m not sure if all the security personnel are able to able to open safes, but perhaps a stronger security measure requiring two security personnel to open a safe would be a better?

When it comes to securing valuables in a hotel room, hotel safes are an option, but I also think keeping your stuff inside your suitcases can just be as secure, as it’s unlikely that maids or other hotel personnel, will go through your luggage looking for your items.

I wouldn’t recommend leaving your wallet or passport out on the hotel desk, however zipped up in a bag or suitcase can be less likely for someone to take it. To even give the appearance that your valuables are in a safe, consider locking it with nothing inside of it, that way if a maid notices the safe is locked, they will assume that’s where your valuables are and will be less likely to snoop around.

Does anyone have any thoughts on using hotel safes and if they’re secure? Feel free to share your thoughts below on whether or not you always use hotel safes when traveling/

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  1. I’ve wondered about this myself. I usually put things in my suitcase and close the case before I leave for my day. So far, nothing stolen.

  2. I’ve seen hotel room safes opened in 10 seconds with a neodymium magnet and a sock. Still, a safe is a delay mechanism, like a door lock. Depends on how determined a thief is and how much time they have.

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