JetBlue Pilots Accused of Drugging and Raping Flight Attendants

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Two JetBlue flight attendants are suing the airline after they are claiming that two pilots drugged and raped them on an overnight in San Juan, Puerto Rico last May. They’re claiming that the flight attendants met the pilots on the beach who offered them beer that was laced with drugs.

Per Fox News,

Two JetBlue flight crew staffers are suing the airline and two male pilots for allegedly drugging and raping them – and another female colleague – during a layover in Puerto Rico last year, in a “fantasy” sexual assault that gave one of the victims an STD.

The plaintiffs are seeking at least $75,000 in damages in relation to the alleged May 2018 attack.

Earlier this week, Jane Doe #1 of Riverton, Utah, and Jane Doe #2 of Fort Worth, Texas, filed a lawsuit in federal court in New York, claiming that JetBlue pilots Eric Johnson and Dan Watson attacked the three women during a layover at the Intercontinental Hotel in San Juan, NY Daily News reports.

According to the lawsuit, Johnson and Watson met the three women on the beach on May 9 during the layover. After telling the trio that they worked for JetBlue, the men offered the flight crew staffers beers from a lunch bag, which the women consumed, unaware that the drinks were allegedy laced with drugs. 

The flight attendants reported the attack to JetBlue’s corporate headquarters however they said that no corrective action was ever taken again, which is why they’re now suing the airline.

This is truly a horrific story as flight attendants shouldn’t have to be worried that their pilots will drug and rape them. The flight attendants are hopeful that justice will be served in this case.

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  1. Well it’s a #Metoo world, so don’t we just automatically assume everyone’s guilty now when they get accused? Or just people we don’t like are guilty? I can never remember what the rules are anymore when they keep changing so quickly.

  2. It’s so easy for women to make up stories to make money.

    If there are no drugs found in the system then it’s a he said/ she said. Even if drugs are found in the system it’s a he said/ she said. They could have drugged themselves.

    Until we have very strong laws that penalize women that make false rape claims this whole situation will be a mess.

  3. No doubt the women consumed a very common sedative and date rape drug. That drug is called alcohol.

  4. Notice that my earlier comments are taken down. I also notice they were considered and the title of the article now is worded differently. Thanks for acknowledging your error and being willing to correct the title. The title now is much more accurate.

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