American Airlines Stingy with Compensation

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When it comes to airlines, usually airlines are pretty good when it comes to compensation for issues that are their fault such as mechanical delays and cancellations, however as you’ll see here that isn’t always the case.

A Points, Miles, and Martinis reader shared their account:

I’m primarily a Delta flier based in Los Angeles, however needed to fly to Miami, and unfortunately Delta doesn’t fly from Los Angeles to Miami, so I chose to fly American Airlines. My flight down there was only a few minutes late, however the return flight was delayed over 3.5 hours due to a mechanical delay. It was a rolling delay which initially was posted for an hour and then kept getting pushed back. The gate agents apologized about the mechanical delay, however it was frustrating to keep having it pushed back. I decided to reach out to American after the flight and was shocked that they wouldn’t be offering any sort of compensation as they are trying to claim it was part due to weather. It was a sunny day in both Miami and Los Angeles so not sure what they’re referring to.

Here’s American Airlines response regards to the delay:


Thank you for contacting Customer Relations.

I’m very sorry that your flight to Los Angeles_______ didn’t operate as scheduled when you traveled with us. I know you were inconvenienced, and I regret that we didn’t get you to your destination on time.

Our records show your flight was delayed due to a mechanical issue and weather. While it’s certainly our goal to operate each and every flight as planned, we have the responsibility to make changes to our schedules to resolve problems caused by mechanical difficulties or other operational challenges.

I’m sure the situation was frustrating, but I must respectfully decline your request for compensation. The many factors associated with air travel make some delays and cancellations inevitable, and it is not our usual approach to provide compensation when flight disruptions occur.

I assure you that your experience is not typical of our usual performance, and I’m confident we can do a better job the next time you travel with us. We look forward to welcoming you aboard again soon.

After reading this response, it’s frustrating that American Airlines isn’t offering anything such as miles or a voucher for a future flight. They acknowledge that there was a mechanical delay however still decline compensation.

Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below if you think American Airlines is stingy with their compensation?

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  1. Sunny day in LA and MIA doesn’t mean it’s sunny at ORD/PHL/JFK or anywhere in between that their plane might be coming from.

  2. American and United are Kirby-sized, meaning customers belong paying money and thrown in a junk yard. This airline has no forward vision whatsoever and until a complete wipe of leadership occurs, that will continue

  3. What can you expect from AA, after all MI(A is an out station so its not like they have any spare planes sitting around that they could have subed for

    I understand when something hits the fan be it in an out station but not when it happens at a major hub like MIA

    simply no excuses

  4. I actually was delayed from LAX to PHL in Feb. Delay was due to mechanical issues. Flight was suppose to leave at 7:32am and didnt leave until 2:30pm. I meant to contact AA but other matters have come in the way. I fly a lot with American so 15,000 points would have been nice. Maybe its not too late to contact them.

  5. I was told by AA customer service (I believe connected through the Exec Plat line) that if a delay causes you to miss the reason for your trip (i.e. got there too late to attend a concert), then you can file (forgot the exact name for it) for a refund on the plane ticket.

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