Google Autocomplete Results: Why Is (Airline) So….

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Ever Googled something? They have an autocomplete results, which shows what is most searched for what you’re looking for. We decided to play around with this with some U.S. airlines, and here’s what we found. Here’s a look at the first result that comes up for the following airlines.


How autocomplete works:

Google makes search predictions based on factors, like popularity or similarity. When you choose a prediction, you do a search using the term you selected.

Where search predictions come from:

  • Search terms you type.
  • Relevant searches you’ve done in the past, if you’re signed in to your Google Account and have Web & App Activity turned on.
  • What other people are searching for, including trending searches. Trending searches are popular topics in your area that change during the day and aren’t related to your search history. To get current trending searches, go to Google Trends.

Here’s a look at the 1st Google autocomplete results when searching for some U.S. airlines:

  • American: Why is American Airlines So Bad
  • Delta: Why is Delta Air Lines So Expensive
  • United: Why is United Airlines So Bad
  • Southwest: Why is Southwest Airlines So Cheap
  • JetBlue: Why is JetBlue Airlines Good

So based on this account, we found that American and United are bad airlines, Delta is an expensive airline, Southwest is a cheap airline, and JetBlue is a good airline.

Has anyone else seen some crazy search suggestions when googling travel questions before? Feel free to share in the comments below.

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  1. This is one of my favorite Boarding Area posts in a long, long time, because google’s autocorrect results perfectly match my experience: American and United ARE bad; Delta is more expensive, especially when I try to redeem miles; Southwest is less expensive; and jetBlue is generally good.

  2. Slightly off topic but I am getting some occasionally hilarious emails from google maps.

    Maps seems to take snapshots of places I visit and then asks me to make comments on them. They correctly have identified hotels, shopping centers and tourist locations. But recently they have asked me to rate a “Sex Shop in Kiev” which, trust me, could only be something I was passing by on the street.

    Even though I replied that I have never visited the site another survey the following month inquires, one again, how I liked it.

    Hopefully the government or potential employers do not get access to this kind of misinformation ;-(

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