Semen Inside Marriott Reusable Bath Amenities!?!

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Marriott announced they’d be eliminating single use shower amenities as they look to move to refillable containers. However there appears to be a concern about how safe these bottles are and the following example is one that Marriott will really need to study closely on what they can do ensure these shared bottles are safe for guests.

Photo credit: JordanYVR

Per this Flyertalk post,

I have an experience from a current stay (not mine) to share and wanted to see what the community thought was the appropriate way to follow up.

At this property, in the shower are three large toiletry bottles – soap, shampoo and conditioner. After using them for several days it was noticed that the soap bottle had the tamper proof bracket removed. On closer inspection, the bottle was filled mostly with water, and what looked like semen. This bottle was then compared to with the soap in the other room and it was very evidently tampered with. I’ve attached a photo to show how the bottle was not secured, but have not attached a photo of the bottle itself.

The bottle was taken to the front desk, and the associate was horrified and sent up a replacement bottle, and arranged an opportunity to meet with a manager in the morning. In the morning, a manager offered his sincerest apologies, as well as 5000 points and the option to switch rooms. He also said he needed to investigate further and meet with the team. The hotel is in possession of the bottle.

I was horrified to hear of this as well. 5000 points seem astronomically low for the incident, but I’m also not sure what proper recourse would be in this situation. I also think the hotels need to look for this type of thing when a room is changed over for the next guest.

Hat Tip: PM&M Reader Jeremy

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  1. I’m only surprised this story hasn’t happened sooner.

    Would you like 5000 points or an easy 5- or 6-figure settlement in court?

  2. To be honest, this was literally always my top concern with reusable amenities. There are disgusting people out there.

  3. This is going to happen more and more. I prefer the front desk giving out shampoo and lotion rather than hoping that the bottles in the bathroom haven’t been tampered with.

  4. The poster posted on an experience which was not his ( this is from flyertalk ) in addition he was not sure what it was.

  5. This is going to happen more and more often. Semen, urine, Draino, bleach, feces, etc. All the fault of Marriott, State of California, State of New York for this change.

    Marriott / CA / NY = Hitler = cheapskates = stupid

  6. This doesn’t surprise me.
    I checked in at a Marriott near LAX.
    The next morning, I went to make coffee in the in room maker.
    Surprise, it was full of piss.

  7. Actually it’s the role of freedom-lovers everywhere to ensure that these weak-kneed chains, bending to the fringe, pay dearly through litigation.
    Catch a big roach, drop him in, and the next guest gets a nice payout.
    Or hair remover… now that’s a good one!

  8. This is outrageous. you should have demanded that the contents of the bottle be sent to a lab to be identified (you should have kept some of the sample).

    Next, not only should you have received a boat load of points, your stay should have been comped.

    There are sickos out there which is why these large re fillable bottles are a terrible idea and why, if I check in and find them, I call the front desk and tell them to send me up small bottles or tubes and if they don’t have them, send up factor sealed bottles. maybe next time some moron with think it is funny to put acid in one of these bottles.

  9. That’s a great way to get 5,000 points! – great application of “manufactured spend”. Semen is good for your skin and hair too.

  10. Welcome to Kalifornia, which has now mandated the use of these bottles and made single use toiletries illegal at hotels.

  11. I do hope someone puts Nair or something more potent in the shampoo dispenser so it can be very clear to the public that the danger outweighs any ridiculous environmental concerns. Plastic in the oceans is a real environment threat, actually much bigger than any threat from climate change which has been happening since the earth was formed. But as long as people aren’t throwing mini shampoo bottles in the ocean and face wash doesn’t have plastic microbeads, there is no environmental risk from mini toiletries. As long as they are throw out no problem. Sure it’s nice to have biodegradable products available but to force people and businesses to not use plastic when it is needed like in this case for convenience and for safety reasons is absurd.

  12. Protein for the hair helps growth significantly. Perhaps the last guest was just being courteous.

  13. If this prospect of “communal toiletries “ is adopted on a national scale, the hotel industry will be in deep trouble. Travelers will choose other, often cheaper and more spacious options, and bring their own personal and safer amenities. I am horrified about what I just read.

  14. People that do shit like that is literally what is wrong with the world. What pieces of immature retardation low life pieces of solidified sewer water. What the hell was the point of doing that? It’s not funny, it’s not cute, it’s not ok, and what more? From doing that you literally accomplished nothing but negativity. No point in doing some fucked up shit like that. It’s more productive to watch paint dry than do something pointlessly retardedley negative like that. People are such irritating ignorant sons of bitches.

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