Accusations of Antisemitism by Transavia Airlines Over Delayed Baggage

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Transavia Airlines is being accused of antisemitism after passengers from an arriving flight from Tel Aviv waited over 2 hours for their checked baggage to be delivered at the carousel.

The incident took place at Lyon-Saint Exupéry Airport (LYS), France’s third largest airport, and the accusers are saying this has been going on for several years at the airport.

Per the JC,

Jewish community officials in Lyon are preparing legal action over allegations that luggage handlers at the city’s airport are deliberately withholding bags arriving from Tel Aviv.

A two-hour delay after Transavia’s flight arrived at the airport last Sunday resulted in a fight between angry passengers and airport personnel.

“This is not an isolated incident. These delays have been happening regularly for several years,” Richard Benita, the head of Lyon’s Jewish radio, told the JC.

“The airport is using subcontractors for its security and baggage deliveries. We never have problems with easyJet’s baggage handlers, only with Transavia. It seems some of their workers have resentment towards Israel and they express it by delaying luggage deliveries.

Airport officials claim that they were short on baggage handlers, which caused the delay, but as its contract workers who deliver the bags for several airlines it does raise question why the Tel Aviv flight waited over 2 hours, when the arriving easyjet flights didn’t have any delays.

Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below on whether or not you believe the baggage delay is being caused by short staffing or if there is some antisemitism going on.

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  1. Is it antiSemitism when Jews are 50% of the actors in Hollywood, the majority of directors, half of media (CBS Moonoves, NBC Zucker, Disney Igor) half of publishing, control half of the finance industry, half of the fashion industry (Calvin, Tommy, Kors), despite being only 3% of the population? I think we have anti white racism which puts Jews in a position of power.

  2. @jackson hewitt

    All what you have said is the best proof of antisemitism, I’m sure you can apply for the position of baggage handler in Lyon, no doubt you’ll be a star!

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