Wow Beats By Dr Dre Headphones Are Terrible!

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Wow Beats By Dr Dre Headphones Are Terrible!

We bought 2 pairs of Beats headphones for Christmas gifts for our kids to use for travel on their iPads thinking that this was a nice upgrade to the “kids headphones.” Boy were we wrong! They were this model. 

The first pair somehow broke the tip of the jack off (no idea where that piece is,) rendering them useless.

The second pair sliding adjustable part of the headband broke apart while wearing them within 2 weeks of the other. Both pairs were only used for 2 months and were under warranty. I tried to contact Apple (who now owns Beats) for a warranty repair and thought that the process was really inconvenient. They wanted me to bring them into an Apple Store, which I found crazy considering they were brand new, defective and they wanted me to take more of my time and money to bring them in.

I was finally able to mail them in for warranty repair – I was happy for a day until, I received messages that they wanted $75 per pair to repair them (for physical damage.) I ask you, how do you physically damage the tip of a jack -it just broke off and luckily not in the iPad causing even more damage.

I would not recommend spending any good money on this product as they do not hold up and do not have good customer service at all. This was my experience.

I would suggest either now spending very much and expecting that they will possibly not last, or buying something more quality like Bose or wired Bose. See this post, How To Fix Broken Bose Quiet Comfort Noise Cancelling Headset.


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  1. They are the worse! I had the wireless earbuds and both pair broke within a year. The button to control everything broke each time. First I couldn’t control the volume and then couldn’t power them up or down. Since the second pair was a replacement for the first warranty they wouldn’t send another. The biggest waste of money. Now I will say they sounded great when they worked. I only buy cheap ones that I don’t care if they break after a year or so.

  2. Those things are the biggest pieces of shit. The only reason people buy them is because of celebrities who wear them for free. Bose all the way, then Sony.

  3. I second the bose recommendation. Also harmon kardon are ok quality if on sale, I think the bose sound better.

  4. Chinese garbage what did you expect.They have always been garbage but the human sheep buy them because they see all those celebrities wear them.Bose isn’t any different plastic garbage.You want professional advice from a audiophile of 45 years send me email and I will educate you.☮

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