United Airlines Offering $15,000 Sign-On Bonus for Ramp Agents

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After airlines massively downsized their staffing the past couple years due to the pandemic, now they’re struggling to hire. United Airlines is one of those airlines who let go many employees, and is now offering some lucrative incentives for new employees.

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United Airlines is offering a $15,000 Sign-On Bonus for part time ramp agents in Denver as the airline hopes to hire new employees. This is bonus is paid out monthly for the first 12 months and comes to an extra $1,250 per month and is contingent of working for all 12 months.

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Details of the Sign-On Bonus for Ramp Agents:

Applicants who are hired for a United Ramp Service Employee position at the Denver International Airport will receive a $15,000 sign-on bonus upon successfully completing the following Payout Qualification Terms and Conditions:

  • Must pass background check and all other pre-employment screenings.
  • Sign-on bonus will be issued in $1,250 increments at the end of month 1 and the remaining 11 months. To be eligible for these payouts, employees must maintain a discipline free performance record and no more than a written warning for attendance.
  • If employees do not remain a UA Ramp Service Employee in Denver for 12 months, they will be required to repay all $15,000.

Bottom Line

Airlines continue to face staffing challenges, and United Airlines is offering a $15,000 incentive to attract new ramp agents in Denver. To be eligible for the bonus, you must work at least a year otherwise you could have to repay the entire bonus.

What are your thoughts on United offering a $15,000 sign-on bonus for ramp agents in Denver? Feel free to share in the comments below.

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  1. I thought ramp agents were contractors, not UA employees? Or maybe just some airports? If UA offers that at EWR, I’m signing up, especially if just part-time.

  2. @Jon, within the US, UA employees work at their HUBs, and the larger spoke stations (BOS, LAS, etc). The smaller stations are staffed with United Ground Express employees and they fall under under the umbrella of United Airlines Holdings – the parent company of United Airlines.

  3. Some smaller stations like Indy or San Antonio are still mainline UA employees as well per the ramp union contract. I think the STL ramp was contracted out, but customer service was still UA. Also not all small stations have United Ground Express as the contract provider. SkyWest did UA ramp and customer service in Harlingen, TX for example.

  4. UAL DEN offered UA ramp employees from other stations $25K to transfer to DEN ( around 200 people took the bait ). They also offered $15K if you were a new hire who moved here from out of state. They gave local new hires ( if they could find any ) $5K. UA is still short handed in DEN. Southwest and other airlines had to offer similar incentives to get people hired on. Businesses in the airport are having the same problem. Nobody wants to work!

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