Delta Launching Boarding Pay for Flight Attendants

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Delta Air Lines will be adding “Boarding Pay’ for flight attendants effective June 2, 2022. Currently flight attendants aren’t paid for boarding as they only receive their hourly rate from when the boarding door is closed until it reopens, however that’s about to change in a couple months.

With the new pay incentive, Delta will be paying flight attendants at 50% of their hourly rate for boarding. Domestic narrow bodies will receive 40 minutes of boarding pay, domestic widebodies will receive 45 minutes of boarding pay, and transoceanic flights will get 50 minutes of boarding pay.

Here’s Delta’s New Boarding Pay Rates for flight attendants based on seniority:

Typically flight attendants aren’t paid for boarding, so Delta is leading way by offering its flight attendants boarding pay at 50% of their hourly rate. This new boarding pay will being on June 2, 2022 and apply for all Delta mainline flight attendants.

For context, Delta flight attendants are non-union, whereas all the major US carriers including American, United, and Southwest are union for their flight attendants. Delta constantly tries to avoid its flight attendants from unionizing so I suspect that they felt the cost of adding Boarding Pay was worth it, if it means that its flight attendants continue to be non-union.

However, it will be interesting if we’ll see other U.S. airlines start adding Boarding Pay for flight attendants now that Delta has started. Delta pilots still do not receive any Boarding Pay with this new change.

What are your thoughts on Delta adding new Boarding Pay for its flights attendants? Feel free to share in the comments below. 

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  1. It’s about time . Boarding is one of the most busy stressful part of any flight for attendants .

  2. Kudos to Delta! Hopefully more (all) airlines will follow. This has been an issue for numerous years.

  3. I think it’s great news!
    They are in the plane doing customer service. They help you find your seat, help you with luggage, answer questions etc. Why shouldn’t they get paid from the moment their in the plane?

  4. Having been a flight attendant for 35 years and retired for 15 years, I always said we should be paid during boarding. It is the most hectic time for F/A and passengers. All airlines need to step up and paid your workers what they are due.

  5. Looooonng over due for them. Boarding looks very stressful most of the time. Who doesn’t get pay for working? And they dont get paid until brakes release, then pay stops at brake set, so they are Not getting paid while passengers are getting off…have to stay at plane til last passenger leaves the rampway.

  6. Why only half pay? I think it’s great to start paying the flight attendants for boarding. Any other job you get paid full pay when you clock in full pay. Hopefully other airlines will follow at full pay for full flight attendant duties like boarding and deplaning.

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