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Boeing 777X to Debut in 2020 Despite Order Struggles

Boeing will be debuting their Boeing 777X aircraft in 2020, which will be able accommodate as many as 425 passengers. However, the airplane manufacture is struggling with orders for this new plane. Per CNN Money, The biggest names in global air travel have signed up for Boeing’s enormous new 777X airliner. But nearly all of them are facing…

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Here’s Why the Boeing 787 Is a Huge Success

Things are looking good for the Boeing 787 Dreamliner. Even though the plane, which debuted in 2011, got off to a rocky start with some engine fires, the carbon-fiber plane, is well-liked by airlines and passengers alike. Passengers enjoy the quieter engines, air that’s pressurized at a lower altitude (which makes for more humid air on…

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Delta Going Airbus – If It Ain’t Boeing…It’s Airbus

My head is spinning. Delta announced recently that they ordered Airbus 50 new wide body Airbus aircraft to replace their aging fleet of 767 and 747 Boeing planes. Northwest used to have both Boeing and Airbus airplanes in their fleet, and that is how Delta acquired their current 747 double decker Boeing planes along with…

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Video: 737 Fuselages In River From Trail Derailment

On Thursday around 4 PM, the Montana Rail Link train carrying 737 components including fuselages was traveling from Kansas to Washington when it derailed sending millions of dollars worth of Boeing 737 fuselages down the side of a mountain into the Lower Clark Fork River.  Here’s a first hand video and pictures from rafters going down the…

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This Airbus A’int Going + Jets Match Made In Heaven

The saying “If It A’int Boeing It A’int Going” held true in this situation. If It A’int Boeing It A’int Going Delta acquired Airbus planes in the Northwest acquisition and they run some of these planes on the reported worst flight in the USA. I’ve had the pleasure opportunity to experience the worst US route…

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