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Video: Gotham Air Manhattan To JFK

a helicopter on a dock

Just this past weekend the amazing priced Gotham Air Helicopter that gets you from Manhattan to JFK Airport in as little as six minutes, became bookable. The introductory $99 fare isn’t so bad, and when you think about the fact that it could save a ton of extra time or even save making your flight…

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Delta CEO Comment’s Around 9/11 Insensitive? – Richard Anderson 911 Comments

a man in a suit and tie

In this interview Richard Quest from CNN interviews the CEO of Delta Airlines, Richard Anderson. Richard and Richard are discussing the Open Skies Agreement and government subsidies. Richard Quest states the argument that Delta has had their hands in the bailout trough. Richard Anderson starts off denying it as categorically false and then goes into…

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How Far Germs Spread On Plane – Video

a group of people standing in rows

Have you ever wondered how far germs spread on a plane when someone sneezes? This video will give you the answer. According to a simulation done by researchers at the FAA Center of Excellence at Purdue University, the video below simulates how far germs spread when someone sneezes. How Far Germs Spread On Plane The video…

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Delta Expands Porsche Service To New York-LaGuardia, Seattle and Detroit

a close-up of a car

One of the coolest features of the elite program at Delta is the Porsche transfer service they offer their top tier elite members. It turns out the program is now being expanded to New York LaGuardia, Seattle and Detroit. You can read the full press release here. ATLANTA, Nov. 3, 2014 – Delta Air Lines (NYSE: DAL)…

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The Voice Heard in Airports and Transit Systems All Around The World

a woman smiling at a microphone

She’s the voice that’s been heard all round the world – everywhere from New York’s Kennedy Airport to Paris-Charles de Gaulle International Airport, and back to the New York Subway system.  She’s happy to let you know what the local time is.  And if you’ve ever been to Chicago’s Midway Airport she is the happy…

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Reporter “Shocked” By Lack Of Atlanta Ebola Screening Procedures

a woman speaking into a microphone

According to this CBS report, CNN reporter Elizabeth Cohen was recently in Africa to cover the Ebola outbreak. Upon returning and going through customs in Atlanta, the world’s busiest airport, she was “shocked and pretty horrified” at the lack of screening. What was most concerning is the response from the customs agenda when she told them that…

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Video: Virgin America New First Class Menu

a menu of food and drinks

Virgin America has just announced their new First Class seasonal menu. The new menu options in First Class include items like grilled mushroom medley with bresaola appetizer, a savory soy ginger marinated salmon salad entree. It even comes with a selection of two flavors of ice cream.  You can see a video of the new menu below which was…

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Southwest 737 Makes Emergency Landing in Dallas Due To Blown Tire

a blue and red airplane on a runway

A Southwest Airlines flight with 125 passengers and 5 crew members made an emergency landing at Dallas Love Field this morning after blowing a tire on takeoff, and it was all captured live from a news helicopter on NBC 5 in Dallas. The full video and reporting from the NBC 5 website: Southwest Airlines said…

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Golf Gear Giveaway + How I Planned Scotland Golf Trip With A Golf Booking Service

a blue and white logo with a person holding a golf club

Back in 2012, my brother, my Dad and I were out on our local golf course and had a bright idea. Why don’t we take a week out of our busy lives to play some of the most challenging and historical golf courses in the world, 4 courses on the British Open Rotation? This was…

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Marriott Mobile App: Check-In And Check-Out Via Your Phone

a logo on a black background

A while back we noticed a minor detail in the Marriott Mobile App update, members could check-in up to two hours before their arrival via the app. That was great news. Today you can now check-out via the mobile app and receive a copy of your invoice via email. Is that cool or what? Gone…

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Delta’s CEO Richard Anderson Talks About Airfare Prices & And Airline Subsidies

a man and woman sitting at a table

Delta’s CEO Richard Anderson talks about how airline prices, adjusted for inflation, are still one of the best bargains out there for consumers. He also shares his view on the import / export bank issue. You can watch the video below by clicking the image.

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Aviation: The Invisible Highway

a city at night with lights From the YouTube description, “AVIATION: THE INVISIBLE HIGHWAY is a story about how the airplane has changed the world. Filmed in 18 countries across all 7 continents, it renews our appreciation for one of the most extraordinary and awe-inspiring aspects of the modern world. The documentary is produced and directed by Brian J. Terwilliger…

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Video: 737 Fuselages In River From Trail Derailment

a group of people in rafts in a river

On Thursday around 4 PM, the Montana Rail Link train carrying 737 components including fuselages was traveling from Kansas to Washington when it derailed sending millions of dollars worth of Boeing 737 fuselages down the side of a mountain into the Lower Clark Fork River.  Here’s a first hand video and pictures from rafters going down the…

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OneWorld Miami Premium Lounge Video Walk Through

On a recent American Airlines First Class flight I had the opportunity to visit the Premium Lounge in the Miami International Airport. The Premium Lounge is located in the E terminal. The lounge opens at 1 PM so if you anticipate an early arrival you may want to consider a stop by the American Airlines…

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