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Starbucks: Earn ‘A Star A Day’ For 7 Bonus Stars (Targeted)

Time to check your e-mail inbox again for another targeted Starbucks Rewards Challenge.  This time around, Starbucks is challenging coffee loyalists to come in multiple days in a row to earn bonus stars.  Here is the version I received: The key this offer is that if I want to earn the biggest bonus – all…

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New Starbucks Promotion: Earn Up To 6 Bonus Stars (Targeted)

Starbucks is out with a new promotion (Starbucks Rewards Challenge) where you can earn 6 bonus stars from now through October 7, 2014. Check your inbox if you haven’t received your targeted promotion yet. Starbucks Rewards Challenge All you have to do is pay with your Starbucks registered card. If you don’t know how to…

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Coffee Wars: Free Coffee Or Bonus Points – Earn 3 Bonus Starbucks Stars Through April 8, 2014

Starbucks couldn’t sit by while McDonalds was basically handing coffee out in the streets to win the hearts and minds of the morning cup-of-coffee customer group. So they are now offering 3x bonus stars for a limited time to get people to come over to their stores. It is an interesting competing offer. Starbucks is offering me…

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Coffee Wars – Starbucks vs McDonald’s Loyalty Program + Free Grand Hyatt NYC Coffee Certificates Giveaway

A shadow war is raging in the coffee world. There is a lot of propaganda out there and I’m not quite sure who to trust with my morning cup of Joe. I’m among the primary benefactors, the metropolitan business traveler and the corporate 9 to 5 stop-and-go-traffic jam commuter. But it is hard to determine…

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