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Golf Gear Giveaway + How I Planned Scotland Golf Trip With A Golf Booking Service

Back in 2012, my brother, my Dad and I were out on our local golf course and had a bright idea. Why don’t we take a week out of our busy lives to play some of the most challenging and historical golf courses in the world, 4 courses on the British Open Rotation? This was…

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Once In Lifetime Golf With Dad At St. Andrews = Best Round Ever

This past year I was fortunate enough to take a once in a lifetime guys trip to play golf where the game began with my brother and father. We played some of the best courses in the world including St Andrews Old Course. Those rounds were easily the most challenging rounds in all of the rounds…

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Cancellation Without Representation – British Airways Cancels Business Class Award Flight

Earlier this year we booked an ultimate award trip with British Airways and American Airlines. The ultimate golf trip, a once in a lifetime trip for the Weekly Flyer family gents to where the game of golf began. We’ve been very excited and busy tweaking the flights as availability opens up until today, when everything…

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