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Free Kindle eBooks Today On Amazon!

Check out these Kindle eBooks that are currently listed for free on Amazon! Many of them were priced at $9.99 or more! Check out this list that I put together for you. If you are like me, you enjoy a good book or two while flying. Free Kindle eBooks Today On Amazon! Looks like there…

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Global Entry Revoked When Beagle Finds A Banana?

A cautionary tale from Flyertalk member AeoNKiNG posting in Flyertalk’s Trusted Travelers forum about the “worst mistake ever” “I just got caught by one of the beagles while waiting for my checked bag to come out. Accidentally left a banana in my carry-on. The woman with the dog said it doesn’t matter that it was…

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What To Put In The Carry-On Bag – Packing List For Small Children

We recently flew with both our children on a rather long cross-country flight and I found myself spending extra time to make sure that our toddler’s carry-on had everything that it needed to ensure a successful flight for all. It came in so handy that Toddler Weekly Flyer had her own little bag and that…

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