How To Get Best Car Rental Car

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There is something about that new car smell that just makes you feel like the car is new and clean. But when renting a car it’s not often you get very fresh car, especially when the car rental agency fleet is old. So here’s an easy and practical step to take that can help you get the best car rental on your next car rental.

How To Get Best Car Rental

Mileage is the key indicator I always look for when renting a car because the lower the mileage, the less chance the car has been beat up or put through the paces by some other road warrior.

If I have to go to the desk, the first questions are:

  • What kind of car do you have me in today?
  • How many miles does it have on it?

If I don’t like either of the answers, I simply ask for another car; lower the mileage the better.

If I have my name on a board and go directly to the car, before I even put my bag in the car, I check…you guessed it – the mileage. Sometimes they stick older cars to the people who are in a hurry. Most people just hop in their car and go. Not me, I know a newer car can help make a trip feel a little better, especially if I have to drive a lot during the trip.

You know a car is really new and clean when the mileage is this low. Take a look at the mileage on a recent car rental.

Best Car Rental

That’s right! This new car only had 6 miles on it. I think this classifies as the newest rental card I’ve ever driven. This car was so fresh and so clean.

The prior newest car I had driven, had 9 miles on it. I’ll take 6 over 9 any day. But the bottom line is this car was new.

Bottom Line

Some car rental agencies are making an effort to renew their fleet. For example, Hertz came out with news that they are adding over 350,000 new cars to their fleet in the 2015 model year. So keep an eye out for new cars if you are renting with Hertz.

Would be great to hear how many of you have received a new car through a car rental lately. What’s the lowest mileage you’ve ever received on a car through a car rental?

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  1. Good tips. Hertz over the past 5 years has really held on to their cars longer and it shows. My best rental experience was in 2007 at an airport in Dothan AL. Hertz gave me a Chevy Impala with 4 miles on it. It was great.

  2. Personally, I try to reduce the amounts of benzene, styrene, and other VOCs that I’m exposed to, not increase them.

    Yes, there’s still both exaggeration and legitimate uncertainty regarding the toxicity of “new car smell”, but I know that it gives me a headache after 30 minutes or so.

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    Cindy G / Editor at Cheap car rental

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