Better Odds – Australia Gold Coast Trip Give Away

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As of now there are over 230 comments in the Points Miles and Martinis official Austrailia Trip for 2 Give Away Entry post.  That number is less than 1/2 of the amount of comments in the View from the Wing entry post. So comment in our entry post, you’ll have a much better chance of winning because every Boarding Area blog has a 1 in 20 chance of having the winning comment win the trip. 

Make sure you enter into the win a trip to Australia promotion here. I would also encourage you to visit the other participating blogs to get as many entries possible into this promotion.

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  1. I dream of visiting australia and running a marathon on the gold coast. dreams can come true.

  2. When booking a hotel in a busy city location or at a busy time of year, hotels are less likely to let you use points for free nights or upgrades. Many programs,like SPG (Starwood) allow you to pay cash + points. I’ve found this a great way to book a nice room ( usually the free rooms are by an elevator, ice machine, lower floor etc). But by using the points and cash option, the rooms are usually upgrades. You still earn points on the portion of the room paid in cash so it’s a win/win.

  3. when book an award stay, try to charge at least a tiny amount to the room, which will make sure the stay shows up on your portfolio. With Hilton, award stay also counts as qualifying stay, the trick helps to get the proper credit

  4. I’ve been to the Gold Coast before and have friends there. Would love to return. I try to remain loyal to one airline or airline partner to maximize my points.

  5. The entry post blog for you is locked when I use the link – cannot post an entry there – please check !!

  6. Focus Focus Focus. Two programs, a cc that generates reward points, put your hotel points into your airline program. I never buy anything, including a house, unless I get points.

  7. Take advantage of websites that are middle men for purchases (such as MyPoints) and web sites that issue surveys (Harris Polls), as points earned in those programs can be converted to miles or hotel points.

  8. Get yourself a mileage earning credit card!

    If you are going to spend money, then why not spend it and earn something back at the same time?

  9. I use my hotel credit card to pay my elderly mother’s
    pharmacy bill each month then have her pay me back.
    I tell her it’s just easier for me to pay with the credit card than getting a check from her to pay the bill 🙂 .

  10. Oh boy… 🙂 People paste tips into every thread that vaguely mentions the give-away…

    Getting back to the topic of this post: Kind of surprising that not every blog has the same number of tips. Isn’t everyone just working off of the list of blogs on the boarding area contest page?

  11. Use no fee reward credit cards from your local or regional banks. The cards normally offer no black out date redemptions for multiple airlines, hotels and car rental companies.

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