Continental Flight Returned To Portland – Passengers Tackle Man

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KHOU has video of a man being taken off a Continental Houston bound plane from Portland on Tuesday. Continental flight 1118 returned to Portland shortly after departure because a man refused to obey the no smoking sign. Apparently he was not able to sit next to his friend on the flight so he light a electronic cigarette.

Here is a link to the video.

It is great to know that the passengers did the right thing by coming to the aid of the flight attendant. Of course TSA chimed in that it was not a security issue.

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  1. “lit” an electronic cigarette. This guy is nothing compared to the famous Mr. Finneran.

    The Associated Press reported that a 56-year-old managing director of a Greenwich, Conn., trust company was busted after going berserk on a United Airlines flight. The trouble started on a flight from Buenos Aires to New York City last Oct 20. when the banking guru made a deposit in a lump sum.

    The banker, a Gerard Finneran, had become extremely hammered on the flight and began pouring drinks on his own head. When the flight attendants tried to stop him, he went on a rampage, threatening one stewardess and shoving the other into an empty seat. “Later,” the AP dispatch reported, “Finneran lowered his pants and defecated on the food cart, authorities said, using linen napkins as toilet paper.”

    He was arrested on landing and released on $100,000 bail, and told he could not fly on a commercial airliner without first obtaining written permission from the federal prosecutor. For some strange reason, the court also ordered that he “undergo evaluation for alcohol abuse.”

    The good news is that the rest of the passengers said that the food cart fare tasted better than usual after the incident.

  2. Just another good Christian acting superior to all others.

    have to be careful dealing with Christian terrorists.

  3. @Roger Perhaps you didn’t go to the linked article. Or perhaps you are just Christianaphobic. It clearly describes him as a “middle-eastern” man, who kept screaming “Allah is great, Allah is great”. Not typical Christian behavior. But of course we all remember those Christian terrorists who flew those planes in to World Trade Center, blew up the Metro in London, bombed crowded markets in Mumbai, and used magnetic bombs recently in Thailand. Oh, wait…..

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