TSA Requests Mother’s Milk But Throws Out Good Coffee

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The TSA has given plenty of surprises to passengers over the last few years and now they are apparently surprising flight crew as well. The TSA makes the news this time for throwing out perfectly good coffee but forcing a mother to fill bottles for her baby with breast milk.

TSA Forces Mother To Fill Bottles With Breast Milk

A new mother got a surprise on her way home from a business trip on March 4th. She was on her way home to Maui from Kauai carrying empty bottles and a breast pump when a male TSA agent stopped her and informed her she wouldn’t be allowed to board the plane with her empty breast pump bottles. He did give her a way out. He told her she would be allowed to board the plane with full bottles, but not empty ones.

The breast pump cost the mother over $200 and she was not about to leave it behind. She was instructed to go to the public restroom after she asked for a private area.

“I had to stand at the sink in my heels and dress pumping as travelers came and went. I was humiliated and fighting back tears. It confuses me why an ice pack and breast pump were a threat to national security.”

Here is the TSA’s response:

“Our officer mistakenly told her that she could only bring the (pump) pack if it was medically necessary, (and) she informed him that she planned to use it later for the storage of breast milk. The passenger was escorted from the checkpoint and later returned with previously empty containers filled with breast milk. She was screened and allowed to proceed with all of her carry-on items. The passenger has contacted us with her concerns and we accept responsibility for the apparent misunderstanding and any inconvenience or embarrassment this incident may have caused her.”

Here is the official information from TSA’s website on traveling with formula, breast milk and juice.

Simply unbelievable! I wonder what would happen if you bring martini mixer, will they make you bring a alcohol to make the martini?

TSA Screener Hurls Coffee At American Airlines Pilot

A TSA security screener, Lateisha El, 30, was arrested this week for throwing coffee at an off-duty American Airlines pilot, Steven Trivett. Apparently Lateisha’s conversation was interrupted by the American Airlines pilot for using profanity and acting unprofessionally.

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  1. What was the deal with the empty bottles though and the passenger not allowed to bring them?

    I haven’t seen that before…I routinely carry empty bottles.

  2. Typical non accountable government BS.
    We apologize… What an empty statement, and now that they are unionized there will be evn less individual accountability.

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