Giving thanks where thanks is due

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Three years ago I redeemed a massive chunk of AMEX points for a Brooks Brothers gift card so I could purchase a few Non-Iron button downs for work.  Yes, 1CPM! Today I woke up in Easter Island, the most remote island on Earth, having paid essentially nothing to visit (on top of Easter Island) Lima, the sacred valley of the Inkas, Machu Picchu, and Santiago staying primarily in comically massive suites at 5 star hotels.

It dawned on me this morning how incredibly far I have come in three short years.  The catalyst……stumbling across Boarding Area and the incredibly bright bloggers on this forum.  The need to thank those who have helped me get to where I am now (which is Easter Island) has never been more apparent than today.  While I read almost every Boarding Area blogger post every single day, it was two specific bloggers that got me started hooked on this incredible crazy points and miles journey. TheWeeklyFlyer from Points, Miles and Martinis and Gary from View from the Wing got me started three years ago.  The points and miles game has brought me to so many destinations I never thought possible so therefore I must say…….Thank you TheWeeklyFlyer! Thank you Gary!

DSCN1540TheWeeklyFlyer, Gary, I truly appreciate it. Thank you.

The bottom line

I never thought I could get here.  Your knowledge led me to exactly where I thought I could never be. So to you I say….Thank you.

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About alex

Alex loves to travel and does so a lot. Logging 100,000 flight miles each year over the past 4 years, Alex uses points and miles to power his passion. Alex is continuously striving to experience the far reaches of the globe. In his day job, Alex is a Management Consultant frequently on the road advising Technology organizations. I love thinking about, reading about, and talking about all things travel. Feel free to reach me at

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  1. Hi Alex – Sounds like your having an awesome trip. Glad to have you on the team. Keep up the great blogging.

    Clearly, the first statue is Gary for two reasons. (1) I have some catching up to do, and (2) Mr Fancy Pants Gary has admitted to liking to be in the first row. And…is that DealsWeLike back there in the last row 😀

  2. Do you have any lodging recommendations for Easter Island?
    I’ll be there next week.

  3. @Jason – I just completed an excellent stay at Hotel Taura’a. The hotel is comfortable and has an excellent location on main street in Hanga Roa. The tour guides they set us up with were phenomenal. The only downside (which did not bother my stay but is worth noting) was a lack of hot water for showering, which is common for average accommodations on EI. If you want to splurge, the Explorer is the best hotel on the island by a long shot.

  4. @NYBanker – Haha. In fact, I did bring along one of the Brooks Brothers Non-irons on this trip from my dark 1CPM days. Oh the dichotomy.

  5. Thanks for the hotel tip Alex.

    I might have to pick up one of those BB Non-iron shirts. My current non-iron shirts require hanging in a bathroom with a hot shower running and closing the door upon arrival, and sounds like that might not be possible there.

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