Free International Phone Calls With iPhone App

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Calling home from an international trip can get expensive. But after a few taps on the iPhone, you can call home for free. All you need to dial internationally for free is a wifi connection and the Magic Jack application for the iPhone.


Free International Phone Calls

The Magic Jack application is free to download. Following a few simple steps will have you dialing internationally for free in no time.

  • Open the Magic Jack application
  • Dial a number or select one of your contacts from your iPhone
  • Enjoy free international calling

In my experience the call you place will show up as a call from California to the person you are calling. This is compatible with MagicJack accounts. But you don’t need an existing account to use the application. Once the application is downloaded, you can get a free account and phone number from Magic Jack.

Bottom Line

Mobile phone carriers charge an arm and a leg for international phone calls. If you download an application and find a wifi network you can call internationally for free in no time at all.

Do you use Magic Jack or another application to dial internationally for free?

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  1. lovely. I use Skype on my iPhone for a few cents per minute (over WiFi), but this is even better.

    The skype app does have the ability to buy minutes from some wireless-for-a-fee places (like airports), so I think I’ll be keeping both as that’s always cheaper than buying an hour and then talking for 5 or 10 minutes.

  2. Hi Anne – Indeed it is! I’ve used it a couple of times now.

    Hi Steve – I downloaded Skype as well. First I tried the Magic Jack application, then I never needed to use skype because I had no issues with MJ. It is awesome and free!

  3. Magic Jack is good for making calls to ANY phone. I use Skype to make calls to the US & Canada when outside the US. Their monthly subscription is 2.99 which IMO is very reasonable.

    To connect to people with Smart phones, I also use Viber to make phone calls and “WhatsApp” for messaging.

    Viber is free on AppStore and WhatsApp costs $0.99. I love both of them.



  4. Will this work on an I Pad? I currently use Skype on my I pad but free sounds better!

  5. @ Points, miles & Martinis

    Can I also call “locally” while in foreign countries?

  6. I use FaceTime from my iPad. Thanks for the heads up on MJ. The only issue that I come across is the wireless in some international hotels is average at best. Nothing makes me want to smash my iPad more than having my daughter freeze up in the middle of a chat.

  7. hello. trying to install VIBER on my iphone but, I keep asking to send the SMS to my iphone but, nothing comes… any solution ?

  8. This works assuming “home” is the US or Canada. No free calls in Japan right?

  9. It appears that the app only allows you to make free call back to the USA. I tried making a call from the USA to Asia but it tells me to log on to my MagicJack account to buy more credit.

  10. I have used this on my iPad and iPhone. Also, you can call MagicJack to MagicJack for free as well. So when my wife went to India on vacation, she had the app on her iPhone and when she was at home and connected to wifi. i would call her from NY from my iPhone when connected to MJ using the app. You get a funny looking MJ number that is like *012312351* but works like a charm!

  11. I just downloaded the apps for my i phone..can anybody tell me if i can make calls to USA from Philippines using my i phone with magic jack apps on it?

  12. guys i had MJ in my iphone 4 version 4.2.1 now my iphone is 5.1.1 when i install MJ it says enter your email & pass but i don’t have email how can i use MJ plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz guys help me ………

  13. If I download free MJ app. on my iphone in USA and try to call regular landline number in Asia (India) will it be still free call or do I have to pay for it. Also if they have iphone and download MJ app. but not wifi instead 3G will that also work for free.????

  14. I did not get proper reply whether it will work or not if I download MJ app. and other party does not have MJ app. only regular land line?????

  15. I am still not able to find a reliable and cheap VOIP device, I read many magicjack reviews and many buyers complained of their bad customer support where people reported that they waited 2 hours for someone to get back to them and they disconnect if they are not able to answer your questions

  16. This is all baloney. I installed it and it says you need a prepaid account for all international calls.

  17. Magicjack never seem to work for me. It’s just too unstable and the voice quality is not very clear. It can be a great app but a lot more work needs to be done to it.

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  19. As long as you have a wifi you can call anywhere in US and Cananda from any part of the world. The sound is clear. Recently I tried from Nepal to office phone in USA,it was great.I love this Apps.

  20. Im in the Caribbean and have magic jack on my iPad I make all my calls to the USA and canada free everyday the best thing ever. Love u MJ

  21. I do not even understand how I finished up here, but I assumed this post used to be good. I do not recognise who you are however definitely you are going to a well-known blogger if you happen to aren’t already. Cheers!

  22. I am surprised with bunch of people getting excited for free magic jack. I downloaded magic jack and I signed in because I used to have magic jack before but w2hen I dialed International number it said that my call cannot be completed because I do not have credit to make International calls and I should buy credits. So where is my excitement?? I don’t see any FREE International calls.

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