Hyatt 48 Lex Diamond Breakfast Change – Secret Exposed

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I’ve mentioned in the past how I liked the Hyatt 48/Lex breakfast policy. In the past they would provide a $25 black breakfast card that could be used at the Brass restaurant for breakfast, lunch or dinner. The card was great because you could use all of the card at once or save the remainder of the card for later. This was great because if you ordered a drink for dinner, it was possible to still have some of the card left over to order a great breakfast, like the homemade jelly filled donuts, the next day.

Details Of The New Diamond Amenity & Old Loophole

1) Complimentary Internet – Not changed

  • As a Hyatt Diamond member you will still receive complimentary internet access

2) Breakfast Gift Card – Changed

  • You will no longer receive a reusable card but instead receive a paper card good for a $25 breakfast.
  • This is because the card would charge Hyatt $25 at the time of check in. The restaurant group, EMMGroup, would immediately receive the funds and Hyatt would be out, even if you didn’t use the card.
  • People were hoarding cards and then using them at restaurants like Catch and Abe & Arthur’s (Both are  in the Top 100 List of Open Table booked restaurants in U.S.)
  • You could save them up, $25-$50 a night adds up fast, and then use them at these top restaurants to wine and dine like celebrities.
  • I still had a few old cards that I hadn’t used and each of them was honored at the Hyatt restaurant because they are basically a debit card filled with cash.
  • So if you liked either of these restaurants you are out of luck, unless you have been hoarding the old Hyatt Diamond breakfast cards.
  • The new card is a paper card that states the following
    • Present this $25 breakfast voucher at Lexington Brass upon being seated. Sleeping in? Feel free to use throughout the day.
    • Back side: This card has no cash value, is not redeemable for credit or extended use after check out, and is not applicable for in Rom Dining or at Lexicon Lounge. Tax and gratuity may be additional. Value up to $25. One time use.

3) Guaranteed 4 PM Late Check out – Not changed

  • Diamond members still receive 4 PM late checkout upon request

4) Amenity or Bonus Points – Not changed

  • Diamond members still receive either an amenity or bonus points
  • I was offered both at check in and selected the points

Notice the White Card vs Old Black Card

Bottom Line

Ultimately this was a good move by the Hyatt 48 Lex. The EMMGroup of restaurants was the group benefiting the most out of the old reusable cards.

While they took away the reusable $25 card, they still offer a decent option with up to a $25 breakfast, lunch or dinner one-time use card.

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  1. If two people are staying in the room, do you get two $25 breakfast credits? I tend to doubt that it is possible for two to eat breakfast for anywhere close to $25 in a NY hotel. The Andaz allows $75 breakfast credit, so $25 seems chintzy

  2. When I stayed at 48Lex they offered Diamonds internet *for one device*. If you wanted to use a second device at the same time you had to pay for the second connection. Is that still the practice?

  3. My disappointment was that the $25 paper voucher never covered the tip/tax in the restaurant unless you ate much less than the $25. This meant that a hot breakfast, coffee and juice cost me $3-$6 in tip/tax.

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