Delta Business Class To Brussels In New Lie Flat Seat

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After a quick visit to Delta’s new SkyClub in Terminal E, I headed off to catch the Boeing 767 plane to Brussels in Delta’s new lie-flat Business Class.

767 To Belgium

We pulled back from the gate and sat then didn’t move for about 30 minutes. There was a slight delay due to a pre-flight checklist item. Once that was resolved, we left for our runway.

Journey To Brussels And Back


The plane took off to the east over I-75 and banked to the left to head towards Europe.

Take Off East
Bank Left

New Lie Flat Seat

The new Delta lie-flat Business Class seat has a 1-2-1 configuration. I selected a window seat on the right side of the plane. I was surprised how empty the Business Class cabin was just a few hours before the flight. The plane left with a full Business Class so I suspect there were a lot of non-revenue passengers in the cabin.

Open Seating At Departure

The Business Class cabin felt very new and spacious. I headed towards window seat in row 3 to settle in for the long flight. On the way to my seat I placed my Briggs and Riley 21 inch one touch carry on in the overhead bin. There was plenty of space for carry on luggage above the seats so I also lifted up my brief case to stow it for the flight.

Delta Aisle Lie Flat Configuration

From the picture below, you can see the odd seats do not have any obstruction between the window and the seat. The even rows are along the aisle and have the arm rest next to the window. I feel the odd rows give you more of a sense of privacy, but if you need space to curl your legs when you lie down, I’d suggest picking an even row by the window.

Window Seat Delta Lie Flat

Window Seat 2 Lie Flat

The in flight entertainment screen felt larger than in the old Delta cradle Business Class seats, but it did feel smaller than the screens on the Air France A380 I experienced on the return.

IFE Delta Lie Flat Seat

The amenity kit was packed with stuff. There was so much stuff I couldn’t use it all. The socks, eye mask, lip balm and clean towelette came in handy.

Amenity Kit

Delta provides a full size down-like pillow in the new lie-flat Business Class seats. This is a big bonus over the small pillow that Korean Air provided Business Class passengers onboard their 777 Business Class product. The pillow really makes a difference when you are trying to get some sleep. On personal trips, Mrs Weekly Flyer and I both carry an additional small pillow each.

Huge Pillow Delta Lie Flat

The in flight entertainment system controls were located in the arm rest and were easy to use.

IFE Controls

Each seat comes equipped with a reading light, ports, and power outlets. The power outlets are great to keep you fully charged upon landing.

Light Plugs

Seat controls were located above the tray table on the arm rest. The controls were on a cool metal looking panel and easy to use.

Seat Controls

The tray table is located in the arm rest. It was a bit awkward at first because you have to remove everything off of the arm rest in order to open the tray table. Once you have it out it worked great and could be adjusted up and down, back and forward to fit your needs.

Seat Tray Table

Food Service

Delta has a partnership with Michelle Bernstein and Andrea Robinson to develop their meal and wine menu onboard Delta flights. Overall, my impression of the menu, food quality, and wine was very favorable.

Chef And Sommelier

To start, I ordered a glass of the Chateau Beauregard Ducasse.

Wine List 1

Wine List 2

The flight attendant poured a tall glass of the 2009 Bordeaux.

Pre Dinner Drink

After the initial drink was served, the flight attendants brought around an impressive mix of salty warm nuts.

Salty Nuts

While the food service was getting started, I fired up a new movie onboard. For this flight I went with Rum Diaries and toasted to a good flight.

Rum Diaries

Perfect Match

Next, the flight attendants brought around table clothes to begin the meal service.

Placemat Setting

The menu on this flight was new to us. To start, I had the gravlax with asian pear slaw, a bowl of tomato and basil soup along with pretzel bread.

Menu 1

For the main course I selected the braised short ribs.

Menu 4

A quick look at the the napkin and I spotted the infamous napkin hole which is used to affix the napkin to your shirt button. Some airlines are removing the napkins with holes because they are seen to wear out quicker than hole-less napkins.

Napkin Hole

Check out the floating silverware in the picture below. It seems the tray tables are magnetic and will keep your forks and knives where they belong, on your tray table instead of the floor.

Floating Fork

The gravlax with asian pear slaw was very tasty as was the soup. A big two thumbs up for this appetizer.

Appetizer 2

Fresh and tasty appetizer. I really enjoyed the food service onboard this flight.


The salad was served next with a light olive oil and vinaigrette.


I really enjoyed the main course of braised short ribs. The meat was very tender. The carrots on the other hand had a very strong seasoning I could have done without.

Main Course

Main Course 2

Desert onboard a flight at 35,000 feet is always fun. I was offered a selection of cheese, chocolate covered profiteroles or an ice cream sundae.

Menu 5

Of course I went with the ice cream sundae and it was fantastic!


About an hour before arrival breakfast was served. The light coming from a few open windows was enough to wake me up for another meal.

Nearing Arrival 2

The pre-arrival breakfast offered both filling and light meal options.

Menu 3

Place settings were delivered and menu selections were taken.

Breakfast 1

I went with the eggs, sausage and french toast with a side bowl of fresh fruit. This option is a very filling breakfast and tasted great.

Breakfast 2

The best part of breakfast had to be the warm croissant with jelly which was delivered after the main breakfast selection.


After breakfast, I enjoyed the great views on the way into Brussels.

Nearing Arrival

UK View

I headed to the lavatory to quickly change into different clothes. If I remember correctly, this lavatory seemed larger than on previous 767 flights, I’m probably mistaken, but that was my initial thought.


Bottom Line

I really enjoyed the flight in Delta’s new lie-flat Business Class seat. After a safe landing, I was off to enjoy the city of Brussels and some great beers of Belgium for a few days.

Overcast Landing

a close up of a boat

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  1. I have taken the 767 out of BOS to LHR twice this year. For me, I like the odd number seats near the window. Not sure why exactly but I always feel more comfortable in seats right next to the window. Great report!

  2. Hi Dave – Does AA provide business class a set of pajamas? I was on KE, SQ, and AF recently in business and none of them provided PJs. I just brought my own 🙂

    Hi Sam – I also like the seats next to the window. Thanks for the feedback. Trip reports are time consuming but a great way to share what you’ll get for an award redemption.

    Hi Jim – How big is UA screen?

    Hi Ryan – Thanks for the feedback.

  3. I will be on Delta Flight 153 from Seattle to Amsterdam on the 767-300ER in June 2013. Will I have the new lie flat seats?

  4. Hi Sil – I’ll ask for an update from Delta, but last I checked you can find the new lie flat business class product on the flights to LHR/FRA/MUC/MAD/BRU from all gateways as well as JFK to Moscow.

  5. Oh well, hopefully by June 2013, it would include Amsterdam. Thanks for the update Weekly Flyer

  6. Excellent. I’ll be in Belgium for Christmas and New Year’s. More beer on the way! ATL-BRU is my annual route to visit my significant other.

  7. Re: AA PJs…not actually, but if you fly MIA-EZE on their 3 class B-777 enough, sometimes a set will magically appear in BIZ, when the cabin lights are dimmed and 1st is not totally sold out.

    Hope AA continues to work their way out of bankruptcy and doesn’t end in a mess with USAir (probably would never see another set of PJs). Honestly, I like the AA PJs, but no comparison to the BA Sleep Suit.

    Keep up the quality info your present.

  8. Great report. Taking London fights in the new business class seats. Does anybody know if the front row center section has more room for your legs? I currently have the 2nd row center section. Thanks.

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  10. Am looking into traveling to Europe. Doesn’t really matter where I go but would like to know which LAX route has Flat Beds. Much rather not have a connection in the US unless I don’t have a choice.

  11. Hi Sil – From LAX, you can check LAX>ATL or LAX>JFK for flat-beds on your day of departure. There is a very good chance you’ll find flat-beds on the LAX>ATL route, but the low availability will be your challenge.

  12. From JFK, which European route has flat bed and more low level Biz awards? Thinking of LHR, BUD, TXL. Same question for ATL to European cities.

    Thanks so much for the prompt response

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