First Passport For Baby Weekly Flyer

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Baby Weekly Flyer applied for a passport for the first time this week. Passports with pictures are needed for infants to travel internationally, even to the Bahamas. So with an upcoming international trip next year, Baby Weekly Flyer, Mrs Weekly Flyer and myself (Weekly Flyer), headed to our local Passport Acceptance Facility to get Baby’s first passport.

The first thing we did was read up on how others got their baby or little one a passport. Mommy Points has a great overview of their experience at her blog.

First things first. We made sure to have the following information and material before going to the Passport Acceptance Facility:

  • Baby Weekly Flyer’s Social Security Number
  • A completed (but not signed) DS 11 form – you’ll need to sign the form at the office in front of the agent
  • Both parent’s proof of citizenship
  • Baby Weekly Flyer’s Birth Certificate to prove relationship
  • A Baby Passport size photograph – we did this at the post office for a small fee

Our Experience At The Post Office

We showed up promptly for our appointment. The line was empty and there were two clerks available to assist us. They appeared surprised we were (1) on time and (2) had all of the required material available. Once the paperwork was confirmd we headed to the separate passport room where the picture would be taken.

The room was small with only a seat, a white screen and a digital camera. The seat would be difficult for any infant or small child, so we brought a bumbo chair. We held the chair, for safety, in front of the camera and put baby in it for the picture.


Alternatively, they could have put baby on the floor with a white cloth behind, but we would not recommend this based on the cleanliness of this particular room. A different approach would be to get your pictures taken at Walgreens or another location and show up with everything required.

The last step was a little weird. We were instructed to raise our right hands an swear that all of the information we provided was correct.

Once we completed the paperwork, took the picture, and swore on the information, we were on our way.

Bottom Line

Applying your baby or infant for a passport is easy. If you prepare the materials in advance, the process will go quickly. Hopefully the passport application will be fulfilled as quickly.

The next step is to get Baby Weekly Flyer Global Entry. According to the Global Entry folks, parents cannot go through Global Entry with an infant that doesn’t have it. We’ll be sure to report back on how that Global Entry interview goes for Baby Weekly Flyer.

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  1. Just curious is the global entry process the same for an infant as for an adult. My wife and I have it and thought it would be nice for our 15 month old but didn’t know what the process was. Also how would you get them to keep their hand print on the machine long enough.

  2. You don’t need to have a social security number for a passport to be issued, but if you have one and don’t supply it on the application you may be subject to a fine from the IRS.

    A lot if US citizens without Social Security numbers get US passports — even renewals — without issue.

    The primary reason why US persons get a Social Security number for their young children is because they think it a requirement in a way it is not.

  3. Isn’t that one of those Bumbo chairs (being used in the photo-taking place) that have been recalled twice, once for label-placement that the chairs should not be put on an elevated surface (counter or chair top) and a second recall for something else?

    This South African product used to be one of my favorite gifts to give to families with new babies.

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