MASSIVE Car Rental Savings Using Ultimate Rewards Mall

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We were checking out car rental rates for an upcoming trip to Maui and found the best deal through the Ultimate Rewards mall. The savings were so massive we gave it a double take. This is widely known, but the discount using this approach is so huge we are left shaking our heads, especially since booking through this method allows you to cancel as well.

A Comparison Of Prices And A Huge Discount

Using hotwire to search for a standard car rental in Maui from February 3rd through February 8th, results in a price of $478.49. That is a price of $95.69 per day.


But using the Ultimate Rewards mall the savings are almost too good to be true. I access the Chase Ultimate Rewards mall through my Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card, but you can also access the Ultimate Rewards mall through other Chase credit cards like:

The same dates and car type price out at $270.13 through the Ultimate Rewards Mall. That is a price of $54.02 per day.


How could this be? These reservations can be cancelled and come with a 43.5% of savings off the market rates. We’re still left shaking our heads but we’ll take it.

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  1. i think it’s pretty widely known that you can get MUCH MUCH cheaper hawaii car rentals than the advertised price. i was able to get a 10 day rental from kona for $150 last year through priceline’s name your own price. that beats the socks off the above rates.

  2. I’d very much like to give this discount a try, but I can’t manage to convince the site to search for what I need:

    In South Africa, nearly every rental car comes with a manual transmission – which is fine by me. However, no matter which way I try to adjust the “advanced search parameters”, the Mall always and only ignores my preference, and looks instead of for an Automatic – consequently finding no options at all.

    It’s a pity – as this level of discount could really come in handy for me.

    Any tips?

  3. I get about $80 off economy ($50 off midsize) a 4 day rental in Kauai when compared with discount contract rates on National, though those include loss damage waiver, taxes, and fees, and I didn’t include any coupons. I’m not quite sure what is included when booking through the UR mall — do I still have to pay taxes, waiver, etc? Anyone with more insight into the insurance/waiver stuff who knows if I might be missing out on coverage by booking through the mall? If it matters, I have both the Ink Bold and Amex Platinum and presumably could pay with either.

    Also, it looks like a “Cash & Points” deal with a minimum expense of 1 point.

  4. One can do better than that: on Alamo website the same car is 239$, on National Car Rental website – 244$. And that’s without searching the web for any coupons or discount codes.

  5. I’m sorry Danny, you are incorrect. The same dates on Alamo with no discount yields a lowest price of $677 with no discount. Try again, where can you find a better deal for the same time of year?

  6. Ha, Danny…The National website shows rates of over $700+ for the same dates. Not sure where you got that information, but would be interested to know what you did to get the $200+ rates for a week in February (3-8th) to show up on National and Alamo’s websites.

  7. Do you know if you can use coupons with these reservations? like $ off or even upgrade coupons? Another thing if you have status with the company can you still get your free upgrade by booking with this site?

  8. Hawaii rentals seem to be like that. It always seems like I can find one site with prices about half of all the others – and it isn’t always the same site. This made me wonder, so I checked one of my favorite Hawaii rental car sites and got a rate of $229 for those dates, no deposit ( in case you are interested).

  9. My experience of pricing rental cars using the ultimate rewards system, either for points or cash is that they are more expensive, by far, than going to the actual rental car website and then putting in all your own discount codes, coupon codes and of course your frequent rental number that links to either their rental car points or an airline. By far better to do it that way, or at least that has been my experience…..but I will try again as I really love my Chase Ink and Sapphire cards and benefits otherwise.

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  11. So glad I bookmarked this page. I don’t rent cars often but need one in PHX for the weekend. Orbitz, priceline, and direct booking were pulling up $500 … UR gave me a price of 1 point and $170. Will be toasting you for the savings. Cheers!

  12. I’d recommend to look for other options as well to compare. I’ve just tried to book a car in Italy and the ultimate mall was as much as 20-30% higher than same type of vehicle at the same rental agencies.

  13. Can anyone who has rented through Chase comment on the flexibility of canceling? I know there are boiler plate terms, but am wondering if I canceled last minute (same day or within the hour) if I would be charged?

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