How To Save iPhone Battery While Traveling

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I found that the more I download and use cool apps on my iPhone, the less time I get to spend actually using my iPhone. This is because all those apps drain your battery.

I know I’m not alone wih this problem. I’ve seen all sorts of adapters that charge the iPhone battery. But the problem continues with the newly charged battery losing juice quickly. Instead of charging the battery faster, I try to save the battery life I have left because the last thing I want on a trip is a dead iPhone battery.

Here are a few simple steps I’ve found extend the life of my battery.

Close Down Apps

Most apps will continue to run in the background if you do not close them down. Running multiple apps will slowdown perfomance and drain your battery.

Double tap the iPhone center button and a list of open apps will appear.


Next, hold down the screen over any of the open apps. A minus sign will appear on all the apps.


Finally, de-select any apps you no longer need open by pressing the minus sign. You’ll be left with apps that you can continue to have running in the backgound.


Manage Location Services

Some apps use your location and this uses up the battery quickly. Try to minimize the apps that use location services. You can always turn them on when you need them.

Bottom Line

Managing apps and settings can increase the life of your iPhone battery. Do you have any more battery saving tips?

Extra credit if you can guess the beach name on my iPhone home screen.

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  1. If you turn down the screen brightness it also helps a lot. And if you run 3G/4G off and use edge it dramatically saves battery power

  2. Apple has some good tips on its website, but the most interesting one is one I thought no longer applied: to completely charge and discharge your battery at least once per month. I remember having to do this years ago because older batteries developed terrible memory issues, but even with advanced Lithium Ion batteries, Apple still says to do a complete cycle every month. I wasn’t aware until a friend of mine told me last year that this was still a recommended procedure.

  3. When you are overseas, turn off data roaming and put your phone in airplane mode. You can usually get 2-3 full days on a single charge. I used my phone for music and taking pics when I was in Europe last month. iPhone 5 has a great camera and panoramic pics look great.

  4. Turn off your wireless (unless of course you are using it. Otherwise your phone is constantly looking for a wifi network, which can really suck your battery.

  5. Actually, shutting down apps to conserve battery is more or less a myth. In the case of poorly written apps, or apps which must actually be doing something in the background, such as streaming music or GPS, shutting them down would save battery usage. However, most apps are in a suspended state while not in the foreground, and have no effect on battery usage. Notably, facebook seems to be on of the apps which actually does run while in the background, and should be shutdown.
    This is why it took longer for multitasking to come to IOS than it did to Android. When Android introduced it, typical battery time was abysmal. In order to avoid customer complaints, Apple came up with this workaround of not really running all of the open apps simultaneously.
    Here’s a developer article concerning this:

    A much more effective way to save battery is to reduce the screen brightness.
    Here is a (older) good page describing many REAL ways to reduce battery usage:

  6. An even better idea would be to get yourself an external battery; either one that fits around your phone,—p-80404.aspx
    or one that is totally external—p-80404.aspx

    I often use my iPhone for GPS while driving rental cars, which eats up the battery rather quickly. Since the cigarette lighter isn’t always in an advantageous location relative to where I mount the phone on the window, it’s not always practical to keep the phone plugged in. With the extended battery, this is not an issue. In addition, while everybody else is huddled around outlets, sitting uncomfortably on the floor of the terminal, I can re-charge my phone in the comfort of a real chair. (Not to mention charging on the plane, regardless of what class I’m sitting in.)
    The “shell” type batteries are light enough that carrying them in you luggage, or attached to the phone is not a burden.

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