Possible Alternative To Home Improvement Card?

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Update: This card doesn’t appear to be a viable alternative for the Home Improvement Gift Card, but it might be of value to some.

There may be an alternative to the short lived Home Improvement card frenzy of late, maybe.

I stopped into my local Wilco operated gas station and found this interesting rack which included some interesting gift cards.


The interesting cards included the Home Improvement & Decor card, the Entertainment card and the Restaurant card. These cards are loadable with up to $100 at a time and come with no fee.



They might be an alternative just with a different spend category bonus.

The only problem was there were no gift cards for any of the ones pictured above. I took one to the counter assuming they kept them there for security reasons, but it turns out the gift card setup is so new, the manager forgot to add the cards to the display slips and didn’t know where they were.

So unfortunately I haven’t been able to test these out.

I’ve only noticed these lately. Have you seen these in your local gas station?

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  1. Geez, you bloggers don’t learn, do you? The Home Improvement GC scheme dies within days (more like hours) of being publicized, and now you try to publicize another possible similar scheme. For what, to kill that within hours/day also? I’m not sure I understand what the point is except for you to try to get more people to your blog so you can get more CC affiliate referral clicks/money. Are you that hard up for money that you feel the need to ruin another scheme before you even verify that it works?

  2. Thanks for the “heads up”. Unfortunately I don’t have any Wilco stations near me but that inspires me to look more closely at other cards that my gas stations carry.

  3. I haven’t found any of these cards near me, but I checked out the Array Gift website to see what they’re all about. Seems what you’re actually buying is simply a 16-digit redemption code, probably not even a magstripe card. The gift recipient enters the code online and redeems it for their choice of store-branded gift cards. No mention of PIN functionality and no ability to turn it into a VISA/AMEX GC, so I think this one’s a no-go.

  4. Then it’s no different than going to a 5X store to buy gift cards for non 5X places. Not that big a deal and seems pretty sustainable.

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