Your Upgrade Is Now Confirmed – And How To Check Your Upgrade Priority Level

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Does your heart skip a beat when you get an email like the one below? I have to admit, mine doesn’t, by I do get a little excited when I get the email. The first thing I do is log in or scroll down the email to see which flight is confirmed to have a complimentary Medallion upgrade.


I’m in the camp of booking as early as I know my travel plans are confirmed. For all others I use Avios points, the must have airline points for booking cheap short distance awards. While I know of others who wait until the last minute to book in order to game the fare they purchase. The fare purchased impacts the upgrade list as much if not more than Medallion status or having Delta’s Reserve card.

As a Delta Platinum Medallion member, my upgrade window starts at the 5 day mark. The complimentary Medallion upgrade window opens on the following days:

  • Silver Medallion – 1 day prior to flight
  • Gold Medallion – 3 days prior to flight
  • Platinum Medallion – 5 days prior to flight
  • Diamond Medallion – 5 days prior to flight (with priority over Platinum)


How To Check Your Upgrade Priority

Even if you are a Medallion, sometimes it can be tricky calculating who may be ahead of you in the upgrade priority listing.

If you are concerned about your upgrade priority, you can always check your upgrade priority level through the Medallion Upgrade Priority Calculator (MUPC).

Yes, there is a website where you can actually check your priority level. For example, let us assume you are a Gold Medallion member who purchased a B fare on a domestic route. Go ahead and try it with me, pull up the calculator by clicking here, select your status level and a ticket fare class to see who would trump you in the upgrade priority list.

The B fare is the second most expensive coach class fare, but you will still get trumped by a few folks, notably:

  • Diamond Medallion on Y, B, M, S, H, Q, K, L, U, T, X, V, E fare
  • Platinum Medallion on Y, B, M, S, H, Q, K, L, U, T, X, V, E fare
  • Gold Medallion on Y Fare
  • Silver Medallion on Y Fare
  • Tie a Gold Medallion member on B fare unless you have the Delta’s Reserve card, you’ll break the tie and have priority


Bottom Line

No matter how you get upgraded, it’s nice to get an email stating “Your Upgrade Is Now Confirmed” before your flight.

When was the last time you did / did not get one of these emails? What was your reaction?

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  1. I really do love getting those emails haha.
    My AUA-ATL flight was upgraded EIGHT days in advance this week, and I’m not sure why or how, but oh well. I’m a PM traveling on an L fare.

    Also the upgrade priority changes a lot if someone is upgrading using SWUs/miles.

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