Cool Feature Of World’s Busiest Airport – Atlanta

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Atlanta Hartsfield International Airport is the busiest airport in the world. That causes headaches for some people, but others may see it as a bonus.

It can be overwhelming to navigate the busy airport concourses. I’ve shared my simple strategy to navigate the airport in the past, and usually stick to it each week to avoid the airport congestion.

It’s not only the halls of the concourses that are congested, the airport has 5 active runways. That means there are usually multiple planes taking off and landing at the same time. But I see that as more of a feature than a drawback.

There is never a better time to see just how many planes are landing than a Thursday evening rush hour. If you are seated at a window seat, you’ll likely be able to follow the flight next to you all the way to the runway. Sometimes you can even catch a glimpse of more than one other flight landing at the same time.

Here’s a series of pictures from a recent rush hour landing sequence.

Delta Airlines 12

You can spot plans once you make the turn into the landing lineup.

Delta Airlines 11

Delta Airlines 10

Delta Airlines 10

Delta Airlines 9

Delta Airlines 8

Delta Airlines 7

As you get closer, you can likely see more than one plane landing. In this case, there was only one other one landing at the same time.

Delta Airlines 6

Delta Airlines 5

Delta Airlines 4

Delta Airlines 3

Delta Airlines 2

Delta Airlines 1

I’ve seen some pretty cool planes lined up to land in at other airports too. One memorable one was on the approach to Houston when there was low cloud cover on a well moon light night. We could see all the planes circling in the line up and then disappearing when it was there turn to land.

What other airports are a good place to see planes lined up as they are landing?

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  1. Completely agree on Atlanta. I had the dumb luck last week of seeing the inaugural A380 Korean Air ICN-ATL flight taxing to the runway for takeoff pretty cool to see the first one in Atlanta!

    SFO and LAX are also really cool for seeing different airlines lining up. Quite a few we don’t get to see all that often here on the east coast.

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