Delta’s Domestic Flat Bed Business Elite Seat 8C From Atlanta to New York

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One of the best ways to get upgraded as a Delta Medallion member is to carefully select the plane you fly. I’ll share an example on a recent trip where I was able to fly in fully flat Business Elite to New York with a friend simply because of the plane type we selected. My friend would continue on to Europe on a later flight (with flat beds of course) but not after we were able to try out the new Delta Sky Club at JFK.

Once our plans were locked, my friend rebooked his flight through New York on the same 767 with flat bed seats as myself. He added a layover on his way to Europe to get the chance to experience the new JFK Sky Club first hand. It also saved him a couple of hundred dollars on his Business Fare due to the layover.

The flight left out of the T gates, which was unusual for such a big plane that normally operates on international routes, but this was going to New York.

Delta 767 with Flat Bed Seat.jpg

The Cabin feels spacious, especially when you have to walk all the way back to the Business Class. I usually select a seat on the right side of the plane, as was the case with this flight. But my friend explained his strategy to sit on the left side of the plane towards the front. Can you guess why he does this?

Delta 767 with Flat Bed Seat Side Cabin.jpg

You’ll noticed that every seat has direct aisle access. But every other seat has an arm rest between the seat and the aisle. I’d suggest picking one of these if you are more interested in a good nights rest. The arm rest between the seat and the aisle adds a layer of noise protection allowing for better rest.

Delta 767 with Flat Bed Seat 8D.jpg

Delta 767 with Flat Bed Seat Last Row.jpg

Delta 767 with Flat Bed Seat Window Seat.jpg

Delta 767 with Flat Bed Seat Cabin Looking Forward.jpg

The seats are a huge improvement over the old cradle seats and I really enjoy them. I do prefer the seats on the A330, 777 and 747 over these, but I can sleep just fine in these seats on a long haul. I really prefer the fully flat over the cradle seat. It makes a huge difference.

Delta 767 with Flat Bed Seat 8C.jpg

The IFE screens are large and have a good selection of movies. My friend takes several international trips each month and suggested the rotation isn’t quite quick enough for him. If you fly this much it is a good idea to bring along an iPad pre-loaded with entertainment options.

My IFE screen didn’t work after take off but each time the flight attendant came by, all the screens just happened to be off due to an announcement, so it took several requests, but my IFE was finally reset.

Delta 767 with Flat Bed Seat IFE And Legroom.jpg,

The IFE controls are located in the arm rests of the seat.

Delta 767 with Flat Bed Seat IFE Controls.jpg

The seat has a reading light, and plenty of ports to charge your gear.

Delta 767 with Flat Bed Seat light.jpg

I noticed a critical design flaw in the seat on this flight. I’ll illustrate how this could impact you later during the meal service.

Delta 767 with Flat Bed Seat Tray Table Controls.jpg

Delta 767 with Flat Bed Seat Tray Table.jpg

The pre-departure drinks were served. Since this was a early afternoon flight, I went with an orange juice.

Delta 767 with Flat Bed Pre Departure Drink.jpg

The place settings were handed out along with warm towels.

Delta 767 with Flat Bed Meal Service 1.jpg

Once we took off, it was later in the day and not to early for a glass of Cabernet.

Delta 767 with Flat Bed Meal Service Drink 2.jpg

The napkins have one of the most useful details of air travel, the napkin hole. This little item allows folks in nice clothes to affix the napkin to their shirt button and avoid any spillage and stains on a nice shirt.

Delta 767 with Flat Bed Napkin Hole.jpg

The meal option on this flight was a turkey club or the chicken skewers. We both went with the chicken option and it was good.

Delta 767 with Flat Bed Chicken Skewers 2.jpg

Delta 767 with Flat Bed Chicken Skewers.jpg

The best part of the meal was the cake. You definitely have to give this a try next time you are in the Business Elite cabin on a domestic flight.

Delta 767 with Flat Bed Cheese Cake.jpg

Bottom Line

Overall this was a great flight because of the seat and the company. Seat 8C is in the back of the cabin so you’ll likely be served towards the end of the service. Plus, it doesn’t have the legroom that row 1 has since someone is in front of row 8, the legroom has slightly less space.

Selecting an internationally configured plane on a domestic route will greatly increase your chances of getting an upgrade. Plus, an upgrade on the internationally configured planes will likely mean a full flat bed on your domestic route.

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  1. Hello again

    I am a little new to the FF game as this is my first year (and aiming for delta platinum by the end of the year) – but how exactly did you find a 767 flying this route? I looked a couple of upcoming trips where I am flying ATL-JFK but can only find 757’s flying.

    Any insight would be greatly appreciated. Thank you again.

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