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Vanilla Reload launched their new website recently, and while it does look nicer cosmetically, it is actually a lot slower and giving many users problems. According to this Flyertalk thread, many users are having problems loading their cards on the new site.

I’ve encountered this problem first hand, where it said that the card I was trying to load had already been loaded, which was not the case. However, the good news is that you can actually load your Vanilla Reload to your Bluebird® by American Express card over the phone.

Vanilla Reload New Website
Bottom Line

If you have a Bluebird® by American Express card or another re-loadable card, that you’re trying to load a Vanilla Reload on and it’s not working when you
try online, you can do so by calling the Vanilla Reload automated support line at 1-877-429-8140.

Loading your Vanilla Reload by phone is a painless process that takes less than a minute, and can save you the aggravation of trying to load online. Has anyone else been having issues loading their Vanilla Reload online?

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  1. I think this new site must have been designed by the same teenagers that did the Amex Bluebird site. It is as weak as Bluebird’s “Pay Bills”.

    Firstly, yes, it has a “nicer” look, if you like that kind of thing – I prefer a simple clean look with ease of use.

    Next, you cannot copy and paste the Prepaid card number which could cause problems if you are not very careful. I have all my Prepaid numbers in my computer and so I used to just copy and paste my number onto the Vanilla site rather than typing it each time. This not only saved time but was more secure as I could not put someone else’s number in by mistake.

    The worst part is the lack of a receipt (audit trail). On the old Vanilla site you got a screen with a confirmation showing which Prepaid card you loaded as well as the PIN on the Vanilla card. I kept these (just in case there was ever a dispute).

    I have to admit I am a Vanilla junkie and have loaded over 200 Vanillas onto my many Prepaid cards and so I am dealing in large amounts and am concerned with potential fraud. That’s why I use Bluebird rather than GoBank which has a much better site (who has ever heard of GoBank before?)

  2. People that have had issues reloading is because they did not scroll all the way for the T&C. Annoying added feature

  3. Hey there is a guy using your vanilla cards to scam pole….his name is TOMMYB215 ON INSTAGRAM…..What his doing aint right…his no is 6017415672

  4. Yep, moneyy_215 on instagram is scamming with these cards…same phone number. Shame…it’s a scam people.

  5. T_Moneyy215 is a Vanilla card scam on IG. Once he scans you, he delets you from his wall, probably changes his name too

  6. They are not scamming people are just that dumb to give people their number off that card thinking they bout to get some free money now my thing is why do people think they can get free money hell ain’t shit free hell the USA ain’t even free so don’t be getting mad with these people get mad with yourself because your dumb ass should not give your number out so blame yourself. ……….

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