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Another Reason To Drive: Vanilla Reloads This Holiday Season

A fellow Boarding Area blogger posed a question earlier this week if it is better to fly or drive this Holiday season. I think it totally depends on the person, where you are going and the all in cost and convenience of travel mode. For us, flying made most sense to our first destination, but…

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How To Load Bluebird With Gift Cards

Not to long ago the news broke that certain stores would no longer allow the purchase of Vanilla Reloads with credit cards. That was big news as a lot of people only knew how to load Bluebird by using Vanilla Reloads from a three letter store. But there is another way. Below are some steps…

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New Cards Earned 140,000 Miles & Points And $450 In Credits

Mrs. Weekly Flyer and I have criteria we look for when considering the addition of new credit cards to our wallet. First, the benefits have to align with our travel goals, and second the bonuses and benefits have to be good. But we always keep in mind common mistakes to avoid when applying for new…

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The New Vanilla Reload Site is Here

Vanilla Reload launched their new website recently, and while it does look nicer cosmetically, it is actually a lot slower and giving many users problems. According to this Flyertalk thread, many users are having problems loading their cards on the new site. I’ve encountered this problem first hand, where it said that the card I was trying to load had already…

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Two Cities With Plenty Of Vanilla Reloads

I travel a lot and one thing I’ve noticed is that I can find Vanilla Reload cards in smaller cities easier than I can in my home town. There are two particular small-ish cities where I’ve never had trouble finding Vanilla Reloads at a particular 3 letter named drugstore. Once I find them I use…

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