First Time Reloading Bluebird – Mrs. Weekly Flyer’s First Time Using Vanilla Reloadable Cards

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One of the great features about Bluebird® by American Express is that you can easily load up to $5,000 per month on the card to then use for everyday spending like paying bills, paying off home or auto loans or even just sending money through their online site. But since it is capped at $5,000, I’ve been trying to get Mrs. Weekly Flyer to also pick up a card so we can both use our own for everyday spending.

Mrs. Weekly Flyer didn’t have Bluebird for a long time, but am happy to report that the Bluebird she just applied for along with a few other offers, has already arrived. Since she didn’t have one, I had to help her through her first Vanilla Reload exercise using the card. I think it went well and overall she feels it is super easy to do. Best part is she regularily goes to a store that carries the Vanilla Reload cards which are used to reload her Bluebird® by American Express card.

To load the card, simply visit one of the many locations where you can purchase a Vanilla Reloads. Then go to the new Blue Bird site and load the money to your Bluebird card. It is that easy. Now there are more complicated ways to load the Bluebird® by American Express, but if you have access to a store that carries Vanilla Reloads, this is definitely the easiest option in my opinion.

Vanilla Reload Cards

Bottom Line

The process to reload a Bluebird® by American Express reloadable card is so easy. It only took Mrs. Weekly Flyer one time to the store to figure out the Vanilla Reload cards are stored behind the counter and she simply has to walk up, ask for one and purchase it. Then go home and load it through the site before she can use the money for everyday spending.

One of the questions I get the most is asking just exactly what is Bluebird and how to use it. Funny thing is, it is really a simple process to reload the card and use it for everyday spending.

Were you apprehensive the first time you used it? What was your first time like? If you don’t have one yet, what are you waiting for?

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  1. Likewise was initially apprehensive. Now I just wish Amex would increase the load beyond 5000 monthly!

  2. The problem is that most stores that carry VRC do not allow you to use credit cards for the purchase. CVS does, but that’s it in my experience.

  3. I’ve loaded a few hundred dollars on to blue bird but have not sent out the money – which I need to do now, especially since I took advantage of all that free money at OfficeMax this week

  4. Charlie Victor Sierra is a easy one to find “usually” Can’t seem to find any gas stations that sell them and accept credit cards……..Valero or Sunoco in Miami or Key West?

  5. Great idea in THEORY, but unfortunately I have not been able to find ANY CVS store or Gas Station in the SF Bay Area that will allow me to pay for a Vanilla Reload card with a credit card – it seems to be a loophole that may be closing fast ?

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