Most Important Amenity When Traveling With Kids; Planes With Changing Tables In Delta’s Fleet

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Arguably the most important in-flight amenity for parents traveling with small kids (if you can call it that) is often the most elusive and hard to find. Until now, at least onboard Delta flights.

Have you ever been on a flight with your child and had an urgent need to change the baby? I have and I’m sure I’m not alone. The last thing any parent wants to do is to change the baby in the (gasp) seat in front of everyone. So it is handy to know what plane types on Delta come equipped with baby changing tables in the lavatories.

Baby Changing Table on Delta

On our most recent trip to ones of Hyatt’s best kept secret hotels and most underrated beach, we flew on a Delta 757 with three seats in economy comfort.

Delta-Economy-Comfort-Row-of-3-Seats Right Side


Our Latest Experience

The line of defense is to take precaution measures by changing your baby just prior to the flight. Luckily the flight was only about 1 hour and 15 minutes. But inevitably about half-way through the flight (45 minutes later) we realized that we needed to change Baby Weekly Flyers diaper again. We had 3 seats but, the thought of changing her there was out of the question for so many reasons. So I got up and checked all the lavatories hoping to find one that was equipped with a changing table. To our dismay, non of the 3 lavatories on our plan had a changing table! This got us thinking, what would we do if the flight had been longer and we couldn’t wait until we landed to change the stinky diaper?

Baby By The Window

Would be be forced to do the unthinkable and change her in the seat?

We contacted Delta to see which of their planes had this very valuable equipment and want to share it with you in case you are ever faced with travelling on a long flight with a baby.


Delta Plane Types With Changing Tables

Here is the compiled list of planes that Delta says has a changing table.

Delta Flights with Changing Tables List 1

Delta Flights with Changing Tables List 2

Delta Flights with Changing Tables List 3

Bottom Line

A big thank you on behalf of parents everywhere to Delta for pulling together this list and making it available. Now you’ll never have to wonder if the plane has a changing table again flying on Delta. You can come back to this list and double check your plane type before you fly.


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  1. Maybe I’m just uncouth, or “beaten” after having had 6 kids, but I don’t think changing a kid on your lap or on the seat is THAT big of a deal (depending on how big the kid is – obviously the bigger the kid, the worse it would be)

    I could revel you with TONS of stories of awkward “diaper emergencies” but in the interests of this remaining a family blog, I will hold off 😀

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