1 Week, 7 Delta Meals In First Class; Breakfast, Lunch And Dinner Onboard And In The Airport Over A Week

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I could have started this post with: you know you’re a hard core business traveler when? But didn’t. For some people, eating 7 meals on a plane in one week, plus a few in an airport would be a bad week. But not me, I enjoyed it. I rode up front each segment of the journey plus I especially enjoyed it when the food is as good as you’ll see in the pictures below.

Breakfast In Delta First Class

Breakfast. One of my favorite meals to eat on a plane. By far and away my favorite breakfast meal is the First Class Delta omelets. They have a few variants of the dish in terms of filling (Southwest or not) and side items (sweet potato, no sweet potato, peppers, no peppers, etc) and most importantly sausage or ham. The one on this journey came with sweet potatoes. It was delicious. Almost as good as the $30 First Class omelet to Hawaii or my First ever Delta First Class omelet. And of course the best place to eat a Delta First Class omelet isn’t from First Class, its from their Internationally configured Business Elite Transcontinental service from Atlanta to Los Angeles.

Delta Meals In First Class


The cereal was good. It was raisin with flakes and a side of delicious fruit. The croissant and jam was a nice addition. Delta Meals In First Class


My favorite breakfast of this week had to be the fruit plate breakfast. The granola mixed with yogurt was a perfect start and finished with some juicy fruit made this one hard to beat. Delta Meals In First Class

fruit breakfast2

Lunch In Delta First Class

Lunch is always interesting. Depending on what is served you may want to go with a refreshing soft drink or step it up a bit with a glass of red or even a cocktail like a Woodford Reserve.

For the Philly Cheese steak I went with a glass of ice cold Coca Cola. Refreshing following up a bite of the steak sandwich with a cold refreshing fizz of the Coca Cola.I don’t normally drink regular Coca Cola, prefer Diet, but when I do, I like to drink it in First Class. Kinda like being at a ball game in the sky, almost, except for I could watch one on TV which was kinda cool.

Delta Dinner in First

Delta Cheese Steak in First


For the Chicken Skewers I had to step it up to a California Cabernet red wine. *Clink*Delta Chicken Skewers

Delta Chicken Skewers 2

Delta Fruit Breakfast


Yes, this piece of pie was just about the most indulgent thing I had all week, except of course the happy hour drinks 🙂Delta Pie

Dinner In Delta First Class And At Airport

Dinners are equally good. Its usually happy hour, the meals are more substantial, and heck, it’s the end of the day. Who cares, have another one if you like on a long flight. They’re free if you are in First Class.

The dinner meal on this flight was a goodie. The steak salad with blue cheese potatoes never disappoints me. The side of fruit is a nice touch and a great way to keep the meal a bit more healthy than an indulgent cake or pie.

Delta Steak Salad

Delta Fruit With Dinner


And to cap it off before my last flight of the week I had another amazing dinner at the One Flew South restaurant in the E concourseOne Flew South Dinner

One Flew South Sushi Roll

Bottom Line

Seven meals onboard and in the airport during this week wasn’t all that bad. I flew up front thanks to Delta Platinum status complimentary upgrades and enjoyed a few happy hours for lunch and dinner along the way while enjoying some of the best meals among the domestic carriers.

How was your last meal onboard?

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  1. Well, I am not flying frequently so my last meal on board a plane was breakfast last year on Christmas Eve.
    It was fantastic because due to an op-up I enjoyed it in the BusinessElite cabin instead of Economy.

  2. Love seat 1A – you are absolutely correct about the “famous” Delta omelette! It has got to be my favorite meal on any airline! We are flying in February and will get to experience a lunch and dinner service on their new menus so we are excited about that as well!

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