Mistake Fare Alert: New York-Milan for $130 One-Way

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Per this Flyertalk thread and MightyTravels, you can book a one-way flight from New York-Milan for $130 including all taxes and fees on Alitalia. This deal is technically for two one-way flights the first being from New York-Milan and the return from Prague-Tokyo.

If you just wanted to go to Milan, you could “throw away” the second flight and book your own return back with miles.

However, if you did want to take both of these flights, you would be getting 2/3 of a round the world ticket and would just need a return from Tokyo, which you could also book on your preferred carrier using miles.

How to book:

You must book on Priceline, and choose a multi-city itinerary

Screen Shot 2014-05-22 at 2.40.06 PM

I haven’t searched for other cities or dates, but wanted to post this ASAP.

Other dates for JFK-Milan that work are October 5, October 10, and October 20..

Update: still available in November, up to $160, just keep playing around with dates and cities on Priceline

Screen Shot 2014-05-22 at 3.34.50 PM

Feel free to comment below if you can find other cities or dates that are working, but reminder to use Priceline to get these prices as booking on their own site would not work.

If anyone is thinking of heading over to Milan, now is the time!

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  1. With the second half of the trip as osl-Bkk I was quoted $271 but it wouldn’t ticket – I’ll try a few more times.

  2. Oh my … as for Milan … any reviews of the Park Hyatt in Milan?!?

  3. Done and Done. $270 for next April. Budapest to Tokyo as well if I want. Thanks!

  4. Can I book this trip and just not go from Prague to Tokyo? I just want to go to Europe and find a one way ticket back to the US through Norwegian air.

  5. I’m still getting $130, guys. Keep looking! 😀

    Now if only I could make it work to Melbourne… haha

  6. $169 to Milan leaving Thursday night. Going to be a nice long weekend of pasta and red wine!

  7. What search exactly are you still getting the $130?
    And KL – what dates for your $169 ticket?

  8. KL – those dates are $423 for me. I’m looking for July dates or next year. Anyone find any?

  9. I think they’re just selling out. Playing around with dates and finding them here and there, but the majority seem to be gone.

  10. Trader, no, not going to Japan. Trying to see what I can get for the return flight to NYC now.

    Jeff, I got best results on putting the PRG-NRT flight on a Tuesday.

  11. @Stephanie, it is wonderful! Great location, beautiful hotel, right in the old section of Milan, close to the pink marble cathedral called the “Duomo”. If you are a diamond, get upgrade and BF is out of this world & anything you want!

  12. i see flights both on Alitalia and Delta..anyone know which is better in coach? both are on the A330?

  13. Is there a fee for not using a ticket? So if we dump the Prague to Toyko ticket…..just don’t want to get charged. Anyone know?

  14. YES!!!! This is precisely what I’ve been looking for. Thanks!! My wife has been dying to go to Italy for our anniversary and now we are. And now I can use our miles to see Paris, Budapest, and Tokyo too!!

  15. Just got in at $270/pp over Valentine’s Day! Killer find.

    What are the odds of them canceling our flights?

  16. no luck here–what am I missing?
    Did several date options (some suggested here) for nyc to milan, prague to tokyo. Nothing. Tips are appreciated!

  17. Still working folks. just booked all the way to Beijing. Anyone see any other cities working?

  18. Can anyone tell me if its ok to dump the prague to tokyo tix. If we can, then I can get this deal

  19. Or anybody booked to Perth or any place in India from Prague then I can take it. Thanks.

  20. Booked.

    Sept 17 JFK- Milan
    Sept 15 Prague-Tokyo (with a night stopover in Amsterdam)


  21. It’s worth noting that you do not earn DL miles with this booking on Priceline

  22. any tips on getting back to NY? if you buy a one way from milan to jfk it ends up bringing your total costs up to what it would be going round trip to begin with…

  23. We are flying 10/8 to Milan from JFK. Haven’t filled in the rest or the return yet but I have plenty of points elsewhere to use towards those tickets too.

    I can not believe that for $407 TOTAL, we got TWO 1-way flights to MILAN… NONSTOP!! AND They came with flights a month later from Czech to Tokyo?! Amazing – I am tempted to plan i small solo getaway maybe NYC-UK-Czech-Tokyo in November… AND we bought the $34pp Trip Insurance.

    Now the only things I’m wondering are 1) is this for real?! 2) what happens if I don’t end up traveling to Czech? Can it just be cancelled, after we take out Italy trip? Would it be possible that if we cancelled the Czech travel for “illness”, we might even be refunded for what we paid, since its all-inclusive? and 3) when/do we choose seats, etc.?

    Never used Priceline before (but feel a longtime relationship coming! By the way amidst the checkout I greedily applied for the Priceline CC for a $50 discount on that charge, was approved and had the info input, then Priceline dumped me during the checkout, and when I input it all again for second try, it did not save the card’s security code, meaning I’d need to wait for the card to be physically in front of me, which clearly would not be acceptable. Anyway, wasn’t able to apply the discount to this buy but I believe it’ll be available for subsequent purchases.

    Thanks to y’all for calling this out there for the rest of us. We just got married on 5/4, went to Anguilla from 5/8-5/12, and now only 5 months down the road we get to look at a 2nd honeymoon in Italy! WOO!!

  24. Anyone having any luck finding dates at the $160 or less price. Not having any luck

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