Update on $10 Mistake Rate at the Westin Diplomat

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Last week, we shared how several Starwood hotels were having mistake rates from $10-$30 per night.

One of those hotels was the Westin Diplomat, and they have decided not to honor the reservations.

Screen Shot 2014-05-26 at 10.29.38 PM

I just received the following email from the hotel:

Dear Valued Guest:

We are writing with regard to your reservation(s) for November 2015. Please be aware that due to a system error, you were able to confirm an incorrect rate, significantly lower than the normal rates for the Westin Diplomat Resort & Spa. We have investigated the problem and concluded that instead of presenting the correct rate for the room type booked our system published the difference between two rates, resulting in the incorrect, very low rate. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may cause but we cannot honor your reservation at the incorrect rate. If you would like to keep your reservation(s), please contact in-house reservations at the hotel directly at 954-602-8700 for details on the correct rate. You may also cancel your reservation(s) without penalty. If we do not hear from you by Friday June 6th by 5pm, we will cancel the reservation(s). We realize this is disappointing and appreciate your understanding.


The Westin Diplomat 

Bottom Line 

It’s disappointing that this hotel isn’t honoring them since they were only offered for two nights (as opposed to a whole month like the St. Regis was offering). You win some and lose some and this time it’s a loss.

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  1. Not surprising and they really shouldn’t have to honor it – HOWEVER, they should offer you some apologetic compensation. Whether a discounted rate if you want to rebook or free parking or free internet or something to that effect. BAD customer service.

  2. It never ceases to amaze me that all you points people get really upset
    When an OBVIOUS mistake is corrected and not honored! If it was your business, hotel, airline , you all would never honor these!

  3. As a small business owner, I have honored a pricing error in the past. So if it were my BIG business I definitely would do so. I would be more concerned about the company’s reputation and this type of negative publicity than a few dollars from 2 off season, weekday room nights. People who were aware of this glitch are likely ALL frequent travelers, as this blog and others of the sort that posted on this would be of no interest to somebody who didn’t do so. With that in mind, accommodating frequent travelers and showing off your beautiful property would seem to be a good business move.

  4. Actually this is an excellent point. With the internet, twitter, facebook, etc, word spreads fast and people will be influenced all too easily because of it. This could be negative in the case of the action of this hotel or it could be positive, resulting in multiple reservations.

    We are going to see a lot of instances where false scenarios are created by a hotel making themselves out to be the hero, promulgating illustrious PR. When you say, “oh that is such a nice thing that airline did” or hotel did, take another look and see who really wins.

  5. True Matt,because it didn’t read or sound at all if anyone wrote that they wanted immediate action in demanding that this mistake be honored. I read “how disappointing it was” that its not being honored; and later said “you win some and lose some and this one is a loss.” All said in barely 3 sentences.
    Richard,you sound like the only one who’s upset and that never ceases to amaze people that a person will blame someone else for their behavior-OBVIOUSLY!

  6. I would honor these prices were I running a business. In some jurisdictions, the amount of backlash you would face (both from the legal side and from reputation) for this false advertising would not be worth the loss of the revenue on the room cost.

  7. Matt @ Mommaafrica
    I made my point in three sentences! Even if these hotels had honored these “good will” rates, NONE of you people would ever return to these places at regular rates. Also, I would never take advantage of An
    OBVIOUS mistake!

  8. Matt @ Mommaafrica your statement is not true. I enjoy travel. Especially to Florida. I have a refunded reservation this winter at the diplomat so I’m already going ….. Nice try tho

  9. What’s the legal implication here? If it is advertised isnt’ the hotel obligated to honour it?

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