Woman Arrested On United “Sneaking” Into Exit Row

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There are always two sides to every story. So I’m interested in the other side of this story which describes how a woman on a United flight heading for a ski trip to Alaska was arrested after she attempted to switch to an exit row.

Woman Arrested On United

She arrested in Seattle from her “third leg of a long cross-country trip” when she says the flight attendant over reacted to her switching seats to an exit row after the doors closed.

“One of the stewardesses said ‘Oh no you don’t.’ Which stopped me in my tracks,”

“So I went forward and then another stewardess came along and said ‘Give me your credit card,’”

“At that point I decided no, I’m not paying $109 and I’ll go back to my seat,”

Seated now, resigned to her crowded row, an announcement was made.

“I heard the captain say ‘There is a lady that wants to get off the plane on this flight, so we have to wait,” she said.

Then flight attendants “surrounded” her…

“And said ‘You have to get off this plane.’ And I said ‘no, I paid for this seat and I’m going to stay here,’”

It just doesn’t add up. She tried to move to a better seat and once confronted with the cost to upgrade, she returns to her seat and ends up getting arrested? Yeah, doesn’t make sense.

Bottom Line

Lesson learned here is if you want to get a better seat on United like a Economy Plus or Exit row seat, it’s best that get United Elite status, even if you have to status match to United Premier Platinum for free. If you don’t, and you try to switch seats, you could end up like this lady. But seriously, I wonder what could have caused her to get arrested other than simply sitting down in the exit row seat and then returning to her original seat.

Hmmm. Maybe Chris Elliott will take up this cause to find out what really happened.

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  1. I’m waiting for my first lawsuit where a flight attendant over steps her bounds according to the law, causes a big deal to get cancelled, etc and gets sued along with her company. You are right, does not sound right, but then again I have seen and read a lot where flight attendants are involved that does not sound right before.

  2. There must be way more to the story of course. To me a clue is that she uses the term “Stewardesses” in the quote.

  3. What is wrong with the word stewardesses, Americans are soooooo plastic and fake sometimes always trying to be so P.C but the underlying hatred and nastiness is amazing…..that is a whole other essay… but I do not think there needs to be more to the story according to current KGB/NAZI American laws they can throw you off the plane for anything they like and have you arrested if you do not comply so they wanted to throw her off the plane she did not comply: “And said ‘You have to get off this plane.’ And I said ‘no, I paid for this seat and I’m going to stay here,’” There you go that is apparently reason enough. These days all american airlines and all airlines staff I treat like pariahs, I do not engage, if they ask you to get off the plane, you say sure and you deal with whomever you have to deal with or sue after… why waste your energy with these scum. To get frustrated to bargain or try and however deal with these scum is to give them the power they seek, they are no one, kinda like mall cops.. same thing happens with TSA… when people with no social standing or place in life suddenly gets the one up on you….. they go crazy….. I would never do something like what she did and change seats without asking… BUT that does not mean she deserves to be treated this way.

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