Delta Luxury Bar Or Self Pour Bar: Which Do You Prefer?

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So, this will be a touchy subject. But I came across a Delta dilemma that some of you might have come across if you fly through the legacy Northwest hubs and visit a Sky Club. The dilemma is, do you prefer a self pour bar, like in the case of the old Northwest clubs, or the new Delta Sky Club Luxury bars?

The Delta Sky Clubs are actually the old Northwest World Clubs. I generally find the spaces more appealing than the “newer” Delta Sky Clubs.

I mean, how many Sky Club’s do you see with a fire place?


With modest but comfortable seating options.


The World Club’s Sky Clubs come equipped with the “new” Delta complimentary {skunky bar} offerings but instead of the Luxury Bar, they are self pour, which can have it’s advantages…If you like the offerings.

I would imagine there aren’t many people who prefer the “very rare” Scoresby Scotch over a Lagavulin from the Luxury Bar.


But hey, complimentary is complimentary. So if you can add the Gordon’s vodka to an Orange Juice and still taste food after the razor blades hit your tongue, more power to you.

Then we have the more modern Delta Sky Club Luxury bars in the likes of Atlanta, New York and LA among others.

The Luxury Bar includes great offerings including even Dom Perignon.

delta skyclub

And why not enjoy the outside on a sunny day at one of the Sky Decks?

delta skyclub skydeck

Or taste the many wines that are on offer? And they are better than the complimentary offerings, unless you’ve had one too many-at that point does taste even really matter?

Having a drink with my friends Leslie and Joseph at the JFK Sky Club.


And of course there are some nice new seating areas with views like this.




I have an opinion on the subject. But I’d like to hear from you. Do you like the new approach of spending more to get a more luxurious experience? Or do you prefer the days of old?

Which do you prefer?

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  1. I would like to see some hybrid solution. I love lounges where you are able to get yourself something to drink without bothering a bartender each and every time.
    Let’s take for example The Club at ATL, which offers both, self service and a manned bar. That I like.

  2. i frequent MSP, has both legacy NW club w/ fireplace and nice windows, and yes self-service, then main SkyClub w/ staffed bar; prefer decor of former, and self serve has its appeal. a hybrid would be great – allow house wine & beer comp self serve, others from staffed bar.

  3. I think self bar is better without a doubt. Sometimes I feel like a pain when all I want is a club soda and I’d much rather get the can myself.

    Thankfully, there is no longer Gordon’s grain alcohol.. Vodka. It’s been upgraded to Finlandia. Just bring Skyy back. It’s very drinkable and made in the USA.

  4. “Scoresby Very Rare Blended Scotch Whisky”. Very Rare indeed, as it’s so crappy it’s very difficult to find!

  5. Scoresby is atrocious. If in a self serve club it’s a Bloody Mary for me. If full service (and my per diem is still intact) the scotch sampler/flight is a wonderful treat.

  6. Definitely the old NW clubs and the self-bar. If you go to the luxury bar, they do a terrible job at making clear what is complimentary vs. what is premium. AND even if you get a free drink you are expected to tip. I would much rather pour for myself.

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