How To Load Your Target Prepaid REDcard

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It’s the beginning of February and that means it’s time to consider how to load your Target Prepaid REDcards. I loaded my card with $5k last month and I am already working to add another $5k this month. The Target Prepaid REDcard is a great way to hit spends and is very easy to use. Once you have purchased and registered your new Target Prepaid REDcard there are a few things to consider when you go to load money on it.

How To Load Your Target Prepaid REDcard

Here’s what I do:

  • I take my Target Prepaid REDcard down the street to Target with my ID and my credit card (I have chosen to exclusively use my Delta Reserve Credit Card from American Express.)
  • I go to customer service because they seem to be more familiar with this process
  • You can only load $2,500 a day, max $5,000 a month and max only $1,000 per transaction*

*This part sounds complicated, but it’s not. Let’s break it down further.

You can only load $2,500 a day, max $5,000 a month and max only $1,000 per transaction.

  • I load $2,500 per day for 2 days a month to hit the $5k max
  • Since you can only do $1,000 per transaction, I ask the cashier on day 1 to load, $1k, then $1k, then $500.
  • And on day 2 to load $1k, then $1k, then $500.

How To Load Your Target Prepaid REDcard

Choosing Which Credit Card to Load With

Mrs. Weekly Flyer and I both have a linked Delta Reserve Credit Card from American Express. So 2 credit cards under one account. We are both loading our Target Prepaid REDcards with our individual Delta Reserve Credit Card from American Express so that we can hit our annual spend target of $30k to receive the bonus 15,000 MQMs twice! So, let’s say that we keep this process up for 12 months, here’s the breakdown:

How To Load Your Target Prepaid REDcard

Other benefits of the Target REDcard:

  • Target will provide you with 5% off purchases paid for with your Prepaid REDcard at Target stores in the U.S. and, except on prescriptions, Target gift cards and prepaid cards, Target Clinic® services, Target Optical® eye exams, and where prohibited by law.
  • Target will provide you with Free Shipping on purchases when you use your Prepaid REDcard

Bottom Line 

The Target Prepaid REDcard is an awesome product for many reasons. It is so simple to use, you can load a lot of money on it for free and you also get the benefits of 5% off purchases at Target and free shipping on If you don’t already have the Target Prepaid REDcard, what are you waiting for?

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  1. Thanks for the REDCard update. I would like to reconfirm the process of acquiring a prepaid AMEX REDCard:

    I must first buy/register the temporary prepaid REDCard in a participating Target store in the 17 states currently offering the card and then register it with AMEX to receive my permanent REDCard in the mail. I live in NYC so the nearest states are MA, PA or MD. I am I correct that there is no way to order the AMEX Prepaid REDCard directly from AMEX without first visiting a participating Target store? Thank you for your insight.

  2. I read on another article that there is a fee of $3.00 per transaction to load using a credit card. Are you being charged that?

    We have a US Airways card that we get plenty of miles on, but I would consider using this for my Marriott Card to gain more points.

  3. Loading an AmEx product with an AmEx card? I am using Chase, BoA, Barclay, and US Bank in rotation at Target. I never use the same card in 2 subsequent same-amount, same-day, same-store transactions to avoid fraud alerts triggered by what the system may perceive as error “duplicated” transactions.

    For Delta Reserve MS, there are plenty of ways to purchase Gift Cards and liquidate THOSE via Target, Walmart, etc.

    Your strategy seems likely to invite scrutiny and review.


  4. Jon,
    I have never been charged a fee to use a credit card to load my Target Prepaid Redcard and I load it often! Thanks for the question.

  5. Hi Bourbon – The easiest way to pick one up is to stop into a store in one of the participating states. I picked mine up that way, then registered it online. The store in my state was surprised to start seeing the card themselves and even the clerks ask where to pick one up.

  6. Jonathan, there are multiple Target card products, you are referring to Amex by Target which is a different card and does charge a fee to load.

  7. I just went to a Target here in NYC and the first thing they asked me when they saw my redbird was “$2500?” Crazy! Word is definitely getting around. I wish you had used Frequent Miler’s nickname for this and call it Redbird instead of the actual name.

  8. Which Target in NYC, i tried white plains and the one at 225th st in the Bronx without luck. They tell me that you can’t load it with a credit card.

  9. I loaded mine many times doing 1000,1000,500 each trip. The last trip they said I had to do it all in one transaction and I was able to load 2500 in one transaction. I went today the employee said only managers can load. I waited and the manager said only one transaction but the terminal would only allow a 1000. She said she cannot do multiple transaction and I must have reached my limit.

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