Arg! Hyatt Gold Passport Gaming – No Blackout Dates My Arse

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I must have been a Hyatt apologist all these years to not have seen this yet. But I’ve finally run into a Hyatt Hotel Property that is gaming the Gold Passport system.

According to Hyatt Gold Passport Benefits members can book any standard room with points.

  • Free nights with no blackout dates – you’re welcome to any available standard room

Hyatt Gold Passport Gaming

According to the Hyatt Clearwater front desk agent I just spoke with for 30 minutes, they only have every other type of hotel room besides the “standard” room available to sell.


That means, they do not have the “premium” rooms, “premium 1 bedroom suites” or “premium 2 bedroom suites” available, but they do have the following rooms available for my desired dates:

  • Deluxe King Room
  • Deluxe Two Queen Room
  • 1 Bedroom 1 King Suite
  • 1 Bedroom 1 King Suite
  • ADA King Tub
  • Gulf Front Terrace King Suite
  • Gulf Front Terrace 2 Queen Suite
  • Gulf Front 2 Bedroom Suite
  • Deluxe 2 Bedroom Suite

The only problem is they do not sell any of the above rooms using points because, and using the words of the front desk agent, they “DO NOT get enough compensation from Hyatt to open up those rooms for point redemptions”.

I even asked what is the difference between a “premium” and “deluxe” 1 bedroom suite and he said the premium has a huge balcony and faces the gulf, which they only have a few. Of course the hardest room to book is the only one you can book with points. I’ve stayed here over 6 times and always have been upgraded to a 2 bedroom suite, even the presidential suite once. So this is definitely a case of revenue management and “blocking” out the use of points for the dates in question.

Now, I don’t know about you, but that sure sounds like a blackout due to spring break demand. I’m sorry if I’ve been a Hyatt apologist and you haven’t been able to use your points due to their unofficial blackout dates. Truly I am. I do find value with Hyatt, but I’m very frustrated at the moment with their inability to use points at two hotels for the dates I’m looking for, given their “unofficial blackout” caused by room type gamesmanship.

Have you ever experienced “unofficial blackouts” due to a particular Hyatt? Let’s start a running list of Hyatt’s that have “unofficial blackouts” by leaving a comment below.

<rant off>

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  1. Yup! Currently try to book in Seattle in June. Months in advance no standard rooms at either downtown property. Seems like there should be a way to use points and fre nights in some capacity!

  2. I’ve read on some BA blog a year ago of a similar problem with a Club Carlson property that got resolved by calling customer service and filing a complaint against the hotel. Not sure if it’ll work but might as well try. At the very least it’ll keep them honest if indeed they’re violating program policy by creating fake room levels above standard.

  3. spg started this… And now Hyatt is catching on. Keyword is “standard”. And the hotel controls how many standard room it has. Pretty deceiving. Same goes for guaranteed availability for premium members. It doesn’t apply due to high demand, which is also controlled and defined by the hotel.

  4. Hyatt Place New Orleans. No standard room rate, so no points booking either. They did have, however, room that included parking (over $300). That was the only rate available actually. So they were bundling up the regular rate with the parking fee which they charge anyway, and avoided calling the rate “standard”. So if you’re not driving a car you’re SOL and would pay for parking anyway. A call from Hyatt Concierge to the property’s revenue management got me the room on points after I called them out on their game.

  5. The Hyatts in Toronto and Minneapolis are doing this for June dates as well. Plenty of revenue rates available though.

  6. I have hit this several times in the past two years. In some cases, central reservations supervisors were able to call the hotel and get the room opened. However, for many others, they simply said no. It’s becoming commonplace at Hyatt and was unheard of several years ago.

  7. I had the Hyatt Times Square not show any award nights, but I booked my stays one day at a time and got a reservation that way. I could not book two consecutive days online or via phone, but I could book them online separately. Maybe some glitch in system, but I found a work-around.

  8. My husband and I booked a 3 night stay there in early May using pts & cash. However, we were told there were no pts & cash rate unless we booked with a DSU. I never heard of having to do that before but whatever. We wanted to go so we booked it — although it seems that Diamonds typically get upgraded to suites there without even using a DSU, so I sort of feel like it’s a “waste” of a DSU. But, it was the only way to book the room apparently.

  9. Try sending a tweet about this “game” to HyattConcierge and see if they can help you get this resolved.

  10. Maybe even tweet HyattConcierge the link to this blog posting. The bad publicity might spur them to fix this.

  11. Tried to use my “free night” for NYE in Sydney at Park Hyatt the first day reservations were being accepted. I was told sorry. No free night, no cash & points and no points for the 30th, 31st, 1st or 2nd. I realize it’s a great property but I thought the early bird would get the worm. No can do.

  12. This isn’t the only trick hotels can play — if you read the T&C, a standard room has to be available *at the daily rate* to be eligible for points redemptions.

    I ran into one property this week that’s selling standard rooms under prepaid and AAA rates, but not under the (higher) daily rate. The “deluxe” room — which is $10 more — is available on the daily rate, as are all the others, so far as I can see.

  13. Yes, The Gold Passport is pretty much a big disappointment … I am a “Diamond Member” yet still could not get rooms at 3 NYC properties just now, “… Because rooms are not available for points at those locations since standard rooms are sold out…”

    Now, go figure that one out!

  14. Dear Sir or Madame.

    I am writing you with serious concerns about how Hyatt and Hyatt Gold Passport handles and treat his customers, I have been a member of the Hyatt Gold Passport and Hyatt credit card holder for 18 months or more. I signed up and have always stayed at a Hyatt hotel when is available, since the time I joined, I was offered 1 stayed free night and to collect point. Any time I try to use my free night, is not available or I can in the days I am traveling, same applies t my point. What I find more disturbing than this is that on Oct 11, 2015 I called the platinum phone number (1800-492-8891) to make a reservation at the Hyatt House San Diego/ Sorento Mesa I was taken care by Ashley (employee number 134720) at the time of my call she was very politely and answer all the questions including that I couldn’t use any of my point or free nights, the problem is all the rates she gave me were more expensive than the rates advertise online, I find very disturbing that Hyatt tries to charge more to their loyal customers than anybody else. I explained to her many times that she is giving a $12.00 rate more expensive, she refused to honor same price, just saying to me “you are welcome to book it on line”, she never explained to me any options including a more affordable rate or any type of product or rate, is this what I am supposed to be treated by a company that is consumer driven? Why calling a service I pay for with my year credit card rate and my interest rate I am treated this way and even asked to pay more for a room?

    I would like to know, what is the advantage of having a Hyatt credit card and a platinum subscription, Also I would like to know a clear explanation why Hyatt can’t look after the loyal customers and I was treated this way.

    Please advice.

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